2009 – A Year In Quotes

This is taken from the list we compiled for the Quote of the Year award.

You may find here some that you think ought to have made the final cut. As the year’s still not out, we’ll still be adding to it right until the end.


Capturing The Moment

Aarin (EA Forum) : ‘Uh, you obviously don’t know who I am, otherwise it would make sense why I have this many posts.’ (How to truly blow it with the public in one easy lesson)

Agent_Zero (EA Forum): ‘We’re judging people on their level of Simmerness?’ (Agent_Zero’s withering response to an outbreak of ‘nOOb-baiting’)

Cupcake (EA Forum) : ‘Someone got banned, modelling competitions, sign this petition, someone else got banned, even more modelling competitions, broken forums, sign this petition, forum still broken, yet another ban, now repeat until you have a headache.’ (one of many such posts helping others Simmer catch up which were applicable all year long!)

Darkslayer (EA Forum) : ‘I’m still peeved about my unjust banning. There are people still here who were downright abusive to the original poster I stuck up for in the thread that got me banned.’ (encapsulates the stupidity of certain EA administrators and moderators regarding the activities of HoNF trolls on their board).

FuryRed (EA Forum) : ‘I dunno, I come to the forums to escape the fighting on the Stories page, and what do I find?’ (A phrase she could have used sadly so often throughout the year)

Gruffman (EA Forum) : ‘Good riddance to them and the ignorance.’ (shedding no tears for the end of Shadow, Lipgloss and the last of the HoNF)

Jix2993 (EA Forum) : ‘This is getting out of hand’ (Possibly the most ominous quote of the whole year for what was to follow with the idiocies of HoNF)

Kinuko (EA Forum) : ‘What have I done?’ (after plugging Delphy’s Adjustable Breast Sliders and PoppyB promptly posting her results).

Maddy444 (EA Forum) : ‘But no one would notice if I got banned.’ (24 hours before she was – her name remains the second most searched for on the site and is central to three of the ten most visited threads)

Penelope (EA Forum) : ‘Browning is full of it.’ (Her response to Browning’s claim that his trolling behaviour had been as a result of hackers, not him, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

RavenAmy (Jazz Hands) : ‘If you are a bitch and a nerd, you belong at Jazz-Hands!’ (Encapsulating why it failed so badly to live up to the hype)

SabsyRina (SabsyRina’s Vox blog) : ‘I was basically a sick, tired, annoyed bitch’ (which sadly could summarise her behaviour for most of this year)


xMiraclex37 (EA Forum) : ‘WAFFLES!’

Rfling7 (EA Forum) : ‘Squee!’

SunnySweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : ‘LoLLies!!’



Chyla (EA Forum) : ‘Have fun being banned!’ (Her victim – UMakeMeLaugh – wasn’t, but she was for 72 hours, whoops no, it was ‘a business trip’, ***cough!***)

CMSNed (EA Forum) : ‘BTW u spellt airport wrong on topic.’ (quite!)

D4ng3rous (EA Forum) : [regarding the swear filter] ‘There is a way around that censor.’

[edit 2 minutes later]: ‘Gaddamit, seems they have sorted that!’

Gabalicious_Monk (EA Forum) : ‘it sure makes me feel better to rattle their cage a little sometimes….. especially since I follow the forum rules and they can’t ban me for it.’ (Yes, banned for 72 hours less than a week later)

GrammarKing (EA Forum) : ‘SimmieJunkie called me, and she’s banned’ (SimmieJunkie was GrammarKing all along)

MaxedOutSims (Snooty Sims) : ’Please help us run EA into the ground.’ (Comrade Rich plugging SimsInsane – a week before it folded)

Lawertend (EA Forum) : ‘The owner of the Gossip Girl Sims site is posting on this very thread…. It’s Windsor Erick.’ (Lawertend getting it wrong as usual).

Madame Lee (EA Forum) : [about SimsInsane] ‘I just got an e-mail from there saying “We miss you”, but when I tried to log in it said I’m still banned.’ (bemoaning in October in SimsInsane what would happen also to her in Secret Sims Society under the same forum owner)

Shadow (SimsInsane) : ‘Kira was Maddy444. She was supposed to be perma’s, but she made a new account.’ (Shadow also getting it wrong as usual).

Sims2TheMax3 (Sims Forums): ‘It has been dying down lately’ (Comrade Rich regarding his own Secret Sims Society – opened only 4 days previously!)


Agent_Zero (EA Forum) : ‘Who died and made Lawertend ruler?’ (shortly before he was banned)

Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘You’re all the forum pervert in my opinion.’

D4ng3rous (EA Forum) : ‘if you’re not in the kids’ ‘In’ crowd, you’re not OMFG! You’re Awesome! Amygod I love you and all that you stand for, ETC?!?!?!?!

D4ng3rous (EA Forum) : ‘You bum nugget.’ (to Windsor Erick)

Hippiedippie927 (EA Forum) : ‘Windsor can’t help if Simscreator16 follows him around like a puppy dog!’

Maddy444 (Gossip Girl Sims 3) : [on Comrade Rich] ‘He’s a total backstabbing douche.’

Mcrashlee (EA Forum) : ‘Ahh Sunnysweety. She always loved having a great conversation…. with herself.’ (Her epitaph to recently returned forum loony Sunnysweety)

Phantomhive (EA Forum) : [regarding the failure of SimsInsane members to get Simscreator16 banned from the EA Forum] ‘Anyway, if Simscreator16 doesn’t get banned for his insults, homophobic contents etc from Lipgross [sic!] thread… I hope he gets banned for his not funny jokes then.’ (strangely enough, that was what happened – two months later)

Rflong7 (EA Forum) : ‘Squee! I feel included with the Big Kids!’ (after being invited to join in a contest by the forum’s self-styled ‘in-crowd’)

SimpsonFly (EA Forum) : ‘It’s to pay for the “free” Simpoints that come with the game.’ (explaining the reason for the high cost of World Adventures)

SketchElder (EA Forum) : ‘Read the answers in your other, identical thread which was started two hours before this one,’ (responding to a board query)

SketchElder (EA Forum) : (about the game) ‘The library has really bad computers you can use for free until you can afford your own really bad computer.’

Vera_Blake (EA Forum) : [defending Rivvil from Lawertend’s baiting] ‘He just throws accusations at everyone for doing nothing. He only wants attention. He is a complete troll.’ (It took a while for the EA admins to realise she was right)

VidKid20 (EA Forum) : ‘Aw, Avie didn’t get her nap again?’ (to failed wannabe troll)

Zoe_Rickard (EA Forum) : [in reply to someone wanting to know if their Sim was pretty]  ‘She looks like a prostitute, and if I was her mother I’d be telling her to wipe that ridiculous shade of lipstick off her mouth.’

Windsor Erick (EA Forum) : ‘I didn’t realise that the forums are also a part-time day-care.’ (echoing a comment Aarin had made in her Vox blog three months earlier)


Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘This is turning out really not pleasant. But death never is. Unless you die drowning in chocolate or something.’

Darkslayer (EA Forums) : ‘Alas, gamers by nature are squishy, docile creatures whose violent streaks only extend to re-creating their boss’ likeness on a virtual game and drowning him/her repeatedly’

FadeWolf (EA Forum) : [in defence of the Dexter mod] ‘ Aw, come on now, it’s just murder, it’s not like it’s nudity or anything.’

Windsor Erick (EA Forum) : ‘I’d rather be platinum… oh wait, I am.’ (Modest to a fault – the fault being San Andreas)

Windsor Erick (EA Forum) : ‘What shall be next for the Simming community? No one knows the ominous path that the llama gods have for us.’

Seriously, WTF?

Boberto (Sims Forums) : ‘I should change my name to Flangeeta!’

Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘I think this guy squashed my uterus at the themepark and it involved an inflatable hammer.’

Chaz_g (Snooty Sims) : ‘Why is that Mrs Santa outfit so slutty?’ (about the Christmas outfits available at EA’s own store)

Clairezy018 (The Rotten Legacy) : ‘I bet your brain tastes like steak’

Jix2993 (EA Forums) : [on Chaos Mod Painting] ‘The Mod lets you do animations, but it also let’s you torture your Sims.’

Poida217 (EA Forum) [on EA’s Christmas video] : ‘It had death and girl on girl action… how could anyone find that disturbing?’

PoppyB (EA Forum) : ‘So the dogs woofs will disappear and we will all be men, this will happen on 6th December 2009.’ (Poppy having one of her turns)

Rflong7 (EA Forum) : ‘Your cat wants a wombat. A lot of wombats.’

Ruby The (Con)Fuzzled (EA Forum) : ‘I change accents every day or two to keep things interesting.’

Ruby The (Con)Fuzzled (EA Forum) : ‘Ohmygawd yes! The Great Grilled Cheese will DESTROY Lord Sponge, and return the SimWorld to peace and cheesy awesomeness.’

SmustleQueen (EA Forum) : ‘The chicken dances quietly at midnight.’

Somayea (Sims Forums) : ‘ There should be some pervert thread.’

Steven (Sims Forums) : ‘Imagine Cassie had all sorts of goats in her room.’

Steven (Sims Forums) : ‘mean teachers don’t let you go to the bathroom to take a simple jizz’ (he meant do the toilet, but most of the board thought he meant a hand shandy)

Sunnysweety (EA Forums) : ‘I was having an interesting conversation with myself today, but I can’t remember what it was about.’

Sunnysweetyxoxo (EA Forums) : ‘I yelled at my laptop, threatened it, gave up, quit the game and 2 mins later said I was sozzy to my laptop then went into Sims and it was fine again c:.’

Velcroshoes (EA Forum) : ‘I prefer to call myself Disnasian. Because I’m part of the race called “Disney”.’ (Reminding us why ‘furry’ fans need machine-gunned).