Getting on with the Story

We mentioned and linked to Sim Stories about three weeks ago, and we’re pleased to see that Evergreen aka Alpha’s plans have proven to be a success, with a core membership of about 30 and plenty of activity – over 1000 posts, and by that we mean posts, not endless wassups, etc.

One of the sites strengths is that it’s not only a place to read stories and to pick up tips on writing them from others, but it also points to other Simming stories on the web which they think are good, no matter how long ago they were: it was good to see Nevar530 – one of the best Sims writers around –  being namechecked (probably best known for the beautifully sad The Clockmaker’s Doll)

There was one small drama on the site, but which was settled with that characteristic levelheadedness that’s something of a trademark of the Webs Simmers community (doubtless built from the patience those who concentrate on ‘constructing’ things need, especially when the freaking game crashes before you’ve saved the finishing touches!), and with the team now settled with Bluechan and veteran Simmie story writer Simatic, they’ve even found time to give the place a new lick of paint in tranquil greens.

No surprises for guessing that one of the current main topics is the vanishing of piccies from old stories over at EA:

Which they are ‘meant’ to be fixing (where have we heard that one before!):

Clairezy018 for one is not happy at this rotten treatment by EA of her Rotten legacy!

Apparantly she was going to send Strawberry Rotten round to sort them out, but she refused as she felt it wasn’t worth her while – ‘They’ve not got a brain to eat between them!’

But as Robodl95 discovered, the pic uploader’s also having what PollySim at Jazz-Hands & Sims Forums may well call ‘a wee binny to itself’ :

The SimStories team summed up what many a serious Sims story writer has found themselves obliged to do – make the effort to get the best of both worlds:

Inbetween all this, they still had time to mention the single most important political issue of the day (at least it is over at Sims Forums):


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