FuryRed Says (‘whatever I want – you want to make something of it?’)

For those of you that have not seen this little gem of a site yet, this is FuryRed’s Simming blog, dedicated to anything and everything so long as it’s Sims related.

Not only does it keep you posted on the updates to her two legacy stories – The Mars Family Legacy and Escape To Riverview, but some of the things going on ‘behind the scenes’ in their creation, so to speak:

Looks more like a Fellatio Nelson. Or even Fellatio Half-Nelson.

And we’d no idea that Anna Popplewell was vamping it for her next movie (and by the look of it had her wisdom teeth pulled out to pull in her chipmonk cheeks):

C'mon, it's HER! Those lips are a giveaway!

In any case, here’s the link, go have a look around yourselves and if you’ve been following her legacies, now’s your chance to give her a more personal thank you that the EA forums probably allow!

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