Fury Red’s Phantom Thread Featured

As she would put it, ‘Score!’:

Yes, indeed, next time you are wondering how to make a ghost, FuryRed’s got a featured guide with big pictures in it as well showing how to ensure your Sim’s untimely demise in the quest for their immortality!

What type of ghosts, how to create them, having ghostly relationships, having little manifestions of your own, and when it all gets too boring, how to give your ghost a Dr Who style regeneration back to the land of the living.

65 pages of compact goodness covering all the bases.

The one ghost colour she hasn’t mentioned – yet- is the black ghosts created from being killed by the Mummy’s curse, but all that’s required there is to get a mummy to breathe on you (well, 4000 years since they last brushed their teeth isn’t exactly going to be pleasant, is it?!) and wait for nature to take it’s course.

Why would you want a black ghost?

Because when the 3D remake of this film comes out later this year (or next) from Hammer, you’ll all be wanting to make one.

(traits: Dislikes Children, Evil, Grumpy, Hydrophobic, Mean-Spirited – in short, a complete bastard)

That’s her in a good mood by the way, as opposed to when she’s pissed off! What a hater!

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