And the moral of Sarriaka’s story is…

Couldn’t agree more.

You do a legacy or a story because you’re having fun doing it – after all, it is a game! – not to get viewers.

Those people who are having the most fun with their Simmie sagas tend to be the ones that write them up the best. Enthusiasm always makes for a better creation in the end.

Ask Clairezy018, FuryRed, Graycurse, Lilsapphire-Simatic, Poida, RubyTheConFuzzled, Suicidespat, Swissarmelle, etc and they’ll tell you that the day their heart’s not in it is the day they write up something that sucks budgies – hence why many follow the 24 hour rule for updating (ie. leave what you’ve written and ‘finished’ and go back to it the next night before posting).

Especially as there’s nothing worse than thinking something that would have been a really good twist or character line after you’ve posted and it’s too late!

Meanwhile, on a beach in Hawaii, David Tennant returned to FuryRed’s recliner.

‘Your chip butty with Drambuie Sauce,’ he smiled. ‘And would you like me to rub some more suntan lotion on your back?’

‘Some days life is such a total bitch, you really wonder why you want to keep on living,’ she smirked.

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