Sharkloverplayer’s disgraceful treatment on Snooty Sims


The following post is not suitable for handwringing ‘can’t we all just get along?’ types or those hypocrites that go ‘Boo-hoo-hoo, The Mare’s Nest is really horrible to people’ when they spend as much of their spare time as possible flaming, stirring and generally being the full-time gob$hites of the Simmerverse most would like to put forward for post-natal abortion.

If you feel that you may fall into this category, then please make your way to the nearest door marked ‘F**K OFF’.

The Mare’s Nest thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.

Everyone knows Sharkloverplayer/Catloverplayer.

Somehow it feels like him – or someone like him – always seems to have been around the place.

He’s the ten year old horsehair couch of the EA forum, and round about most others – comfortable to be spending your time with.

No, we didn’t mean you should sit on him, then again, maybe he’d like that sort of thing – don’t ask us, this is a family show!

Everyone has their own particular pet liking about the Sims series – a major part of its appeal and success is that open-endedness of the game, where you the goals you set are your own to choose.

For Richdre it’s making Worlds.

For HarryWasHere and Jix2993 it’s making pretty Simmies.

In Ruby The ConFuzzled’s case, it’s murdering the one’s the Black Widow’s not managed to.

For JKTee511/Mummygaga, it’s making mummies. Lots of mummies.

More than even your average council scheme teen Chav appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

‘You’ve no job, you’ve never had a job, and yet you’ve the father of 5-10-15-twenty kids to 5-10-15-twenty different mothers – I’m amazed it hasn’t fallen off!’

But everyone knows that for Sharkloverplayer, it’s l’amour. There is no other Simmer around more dedicated to the arts of Simming romance than he. Which is quite ironic, considering that outside of Sims 3, his gaming interests involve more blood and gore than a hospital operating theatre, a butchers, or any movie directed by Mel Gibson.

The old softie!

When not doing this, he’s avidly collecting and showing off his latest downloads for his Simmies, particularly pertaining to that during any holiday time of the year. Sharkloverplayer likes festivally-type things.

So it will come as no surprise to you to find that a thread similar to many such things as those on the EA forum should turn up over at Snooty Sims – his main place of abode when not over on EA.

No jokes about her having one in the oven please!

This one had been going on a fair while now, and he’d posted up as many pictures as one would find in your average Simming story or legacy.

Then last week events began to take a decidedly sinister turn.

At a first glance, you may think it’s all good tongue-in-cheek fun.

Although in the case of Kelsey, Jawsh, and the rest of the self-styled but very appropriate ‘Inhumans’ posting, anyone with any sense would smell a rat – or some kind of approaching pack of vermin at any rate:

Sharkloverplayer took it all on the chin:

Notice also that he says, ‘my Simself and his Sim wife.’ Bear this in mind for later.

Draik, another of the SS ‘s brat pack, started to join in what began to look more and more like a pack of jackels around one of the few Snooty Sims members that can be relied upon to post in a civilised manner.

Knowing Sharkloverplayer as we do, it was atypical of his easy-going manner to play along with the running joke:

And moderator SwatMe101 took time to post his approval at Sharkloverplayer’s efforts:

But then it started to turn sinister, c/o Draik:

Hmm, yes Draik. Although probably not as big a sin against reality to be baiting people that have done no harm to you as part of your online pretend hard-@ss kewl street gang in-between fiddling with yourself over the lingerie pics in your mummy’s catalogue and cramming another packet of Twinkies into your spotty face?

As Sharkloverplayer’s post earlier had indicted, he knew very well the difference between his ‘simself’ and himself – perhaps Draik suffers from the problem of reading too much into others Simming habits as similar to his own projections onto the game?

Whereupon things all went quiet.

Which did not go unnoticed, all but proving that the intent was not a bit of jocular forum fun, but a bit of bullying:

Hmmm, maybe because Sharkloverplayer decided that he’d better things to do with his time than bother with delivering a retort on a failing forum which has more bots visiting it than actually members to that shower of evil little $hits which are the main reason for its active membership problems. Just a thought!

And Chas_g, aren’t you meant to be Sharkloverplayer’s friend?

But just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, they certainly did, courtesy of someone for whom engaging brain before mouth clearly wasn’t a built in option (albeit she’s in good company over there):

Seriously, WTF?

What Ka-Tet428 really meant was that Sharkloverplayer’s posts were creeping her out, and she was simply appealing to the mob that were already baiting him to aid her by giving them some extra ammunition to use against him – and a pretty vicious one at that. No one on Snooty Sims – either on that thread or any other – had made any indication before about being ‘creeped out’, let alone asking him to tone it down.

There is no word or phrase adequate to describe how despicable the next part of Ka-Tet428’s vicious post was. Suggesting another forum member to be a paedophile – either directly or hinting, as she knew fine well she was doing – was a downright bloody disgrace, and if you did that on any other forum out loud, you could expect your post scrubbed, your membership terminated and IP banned.

What makes it worse is that it’s far from the first time people have used this insinuation on Snooty Sims against a member and gotten clean away with it (someone called Guy last time). In that case too, the member concerned promptly ceased posting (the irony recently is that he’s been mentioned in a ‘past members we miss’ type post – are they surprised he’s gone after that ?).

Snooty Sims ? $hitty Sims more like it!

Of course, the little $hits were more than delighted at some ‘grown-up’ handing them a pretext to excuse their hazing of Sharkloverplayer on a plate:

If they were upset, why didn’t they tell the admins? After all, they’ve got one of the main ones – Kira – in their back pocket!

The truth is that at no stage did those ‘poor traumatised innocent little children’ give any indication that they were being ‘creeped out’ – they were having the time of their life lampooning Sharkloverplayer’s posts, and the only ‘trauma’ they’re suffering is their forum punchbag deciding he’s got better things to spend his time online with.

Sharkloverplayer’s real problem is for daring to post at all.

For some time now, that forum has been subjected to a lot of malevolent behaviour coming from a gang of mallrat toadies of the administrator Kira – the self-styled ‘Inhumans’ (though ‘sub-humans’ would be a bit more accurate) – hell bent on driving out anyone that isn’t part of their ‘kewl gang’. Whilst Kira’s not been party to any of their behaviour, she certainly goes out of her way to excuse it and give them carte-blanche to continue.

And this is far from the first time this has happened to Sharkloverplayer here. When Sharkloverplayer started a Valentine’s Day thread, mainly showing some themed redecoration (similar to those he’s posted for Christmas):

And so on for umpteen pictures, he never leaves anything out!

Guess who all took offence, and being ‘creeped out’ didn’t even come into it!

Oh boo-hoo-hoo Erhama! The nasty man is daring to make an on-topic post (ie. about The Sims3, not the latest goings-on in your cyber-gang)!

Sharkloverplayer this time did take the bait:

Whereupon Jawsh came up with this stunning piece of ‘reasoning’:

Well you obviously look at them, seeing as you keep posting in all of his threads, $hit-For-Brains!

No prizes for guessing that other notorious member of the Sub-Humans joined in:

Yes, you really are a right little piece of work, Kelsey, aren’t you? But don’t take our word for it – let’s take her own from another thread more recently:

Incidentally, you may want to note that Kelsey tenuous grip on reality is best described by the fact she says she ‘loves Jawsh’  – despite the fact their only contact is online owing to them been a mere 6000 kilometres apart! And she’s the one calling him creepy?

Back to the Valentine’s Day thread, it got worse:

And worse:

And worse:

And worse:

Well first of all, the only reason that thread became ‘serious’ in the first place was thanks to the sub-humans choosing to attack it as a pack (as per usual), and of course you don’t make ‘hot pixels’ of your ‘girlfriend’ Jawsh – because your ‘hot girlfriend’ Kelsey is 6000 kilometres away.

For the record people, Jawsh’s signature taken from Inhuman featuring him and Kelsey – so much for the no ‘hot pixels’ of your ‘girlfriend’:

And you’re calling Sharkloverplayer pathetic?

Perhaps the truth is the lot of you need to take it out on him in order to cloak yourselves from the absurdity of your own sorry little lives? Spotty mallrats sharing their sweet-utterly-nothings over a keyboard in pretend cyber-relationships with fellow dorks who will never meet in real life. Ever.

We’re not going to even post any of the rest, you can go to that site and see if for yourselves, if your blood pressures aren’t already at breaking point.

Except to post two things. Firstly, the only one on that site that appears to have the remotest shred of civility:

(There was also this one, but this seemed to be more about backing no horses at once – although we agree with the general sentiment!)

And secondly, when Sharkloverplayer – understandably – complained about the way he was being treated, guess what happened?

Yes Kira completely overlooked her little clique calling someone a paedophile – something that on 99% of any forum outside of Brawl Hall would earn you a toe up the backside and right out of the ground for keeps.

Actually as an Admin personal feelings should NEVER come into it!

The worst thing about all this is that they were all so pleased with themselves:

No, people weren’t amused – they were sickened.

Most nights the majority of people online at Snooty Sims are search engine bots – and this only serves to show why that is the case. Snooty Sims will continue to lose members and abjectly fail to attract new ones so long as these ‘Inhumans’ are allowed to treat what is meant to be a Sims forum into their clique’s gang-hut.

Members like that any forum can well do without.

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