Starlight132 proves a shining light at Snooty Sims

At last! A moderator has appeared willing to put a stop to the nonsense by the kiddie clique over on Snooty Sims.

As we’ve mentioned before, that site’s seen forum activity crash over the last few months primarily because of the activities of a teeny gang knowing they can flame and troll with impunity thanks to having one of the moderators in their back pocket – the result being many simply posting elsewhere. Snooty Sims has fast become Snotty Sims.

With many other places such as Sim Forums raising their game of late by having bang-up-to-date active front page news sections of their own, it’s not as if people have no choice of other places to go with far less aggro.

The following incident shows the brats at their brilliant worst, but equally a sign that more and more members are growing fed up enough to do something about it.

So far, so rude, so Snooty Sims.

Except this time one of the regulars had quite enough:

This was the cue the usual suspects needed to start flaming the original poster, the detractor to their rudeness (usually ShadowSim, but not in this case), and the rival flame warriors to the kiddies to jump in for yet another ‘kick off’ that’s the bane of this forum.

But then something rather interesting happened:

Yes, something you certainly don’t see everyday – one of the moderators doing a bit of moderating. Not only that, but on one of the kiddie clique.

Jonny159 now found himself with a bit more support in his call for people to be civilised, including Snooty Sims resident Russian, Evil Soap, and some with ‘strings attached’ from Chaz_g and LittleV.

But of course, the kiddie clique weren’t going to let go:

All you need Erhama is a good boot up the backside.

Erhama found himself hoisted swiftly by his own petard:

The kiddies (and one trying to relive her ‘yoof’) of course tried playing the same ‘standards’ card that Jonny159 was:

As Evil Soap’s signature illustrated, not everyone has English as their first language, and even if PinkOrock spelling and grammar was appalling (which in this particular instance was not truly the case), that shouldn’t be used as a pretext to attack someone.

Let’s be clear about this – as Laserguns/Moneyspark admitted this was baiting the original poster for the sake of a cheap laugh and ‘Hi-5’s from their friends, being the remotest bit ‘helpful’ didn’t come into it.

LittleV summed up the real problem:

We’ll leave out Erhama’s reply, since he lives in a nation where his ‘witty’ reply would see him sent to the gallows for ‘apostacy’ (in theory at any rate!).

At this point, a second moderator appeared, this time posting directly, telling everyone to cool it:

Did the kiddies? Did they hell!

And the whole thing degenerated into another old score settling match, albeit LittleV was right on the mark with this one:

Now the moderator who proved her worth came into her own, stepping forward to make it clear the nastiness stopped – but just look at the arrogant reply from the chief shit-stirrer of the day:

A moderator actually moderating! The outrage of it!

More joined in telling the kiddies to take a hike, whilst trying to help the original poster:

So the kiddies moved to a new tactic, trolling whilst sticking in one token reference of help to proffer the pretence of being ‘on-topic’.

He’ll get a kiss from his pretend girlfriend for this – ‘OMG ur so kewl n stuff! I luvz u n evrythng u stand 4! LULSZ!!!!!!’

Note Jawsh using the old ‘they’re stalking our posts to find things to report us one’ – ho ho, where have we heard that line before, eh? Guess board vermin are as unimaginative in their excuses wherever you go! The use of ‘kthxbai’ shows that these Guardians of Grammar Correctness couldn’t give a damn about anything other than starting flame-wars.

Jonny159 encapsulated what has by now been running through the minds of all too many at Snooty Sims:

Contrast that with the ‘We Run The Show’ mentality of these little $hits:

What it all boils down to is who really does run Snooty Sims own forum – the moderators or some self-styled teenie cyber-gang. We’ve seen it all before over on the EA forum, where one had to wait for an age for them to get their finger out, usually when it was far too late.

There are at least active moderators on Snooty Sims, but one of them – Kira – happily let’s her little friends away with murder (indeed to a certain extent aids them), which is a major part of the problem.

But at least there is one glimmer of hope in Starlight132, albeit her presence is limited, as she explains whilst subtly putting down one of these tiresome brats and locking the thread:

What is of course really needed her is someone swinging the banhammer to send these little $hits into orbit. That’s not going to happen because they don’t want to lost the few regular posters they have: forget the fact, even if it’s true, that they’re the major reason they can’t get many more.

But if Snooty Sims is to regain it’s lost active members, the day will have to come when they realise that some members are more trouble than they’re worth.

In the meantime, well done to Starlight132 – and to Jonny159 (and yes, LittleV as well in this instance) for being determined to stand up for some sort of grace amid others disgrace. There may be hope for Snooty Sims soul yet.

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