You really want Vantus moderating YOUR Forum?

You will remember that on March 28th, we mentioned the arrival of one of the worst of the Snooty Sims‘ kiddie clique over on Sims Nation.

We also mentioned ‘past experience shows his [Comrade Rich’s] usual tactic being to make someone from the targetted site a moderator of his own in the hope they’ll bring all their friends over to boost numbers.’

Guess what happened before 24 hours was even up?

You have to see it to believe, don’t you?

Yes, you thought Comrade Rich and Deb could sink no lower – well congratulations, they’ve managed it!

Of course, he’s still applying for the post over on Snooty Sims as well, so no luck to those over there hoping that his appointment with the Comrades would mean getting rid of him.

Has new responsibilities meant a more mature outlook?

Judging from the following jaw-dropping post over on Snooty Sims, he’s not as bad as ever, but decidedly worse:

Printed in full, including the context it was posted in.

Words fail.

Rather ironic for a self-proclaimed ‘athiest’ to go making a sick remark that’s straight out of the more moronic elements of Islam which Muslims like Irshad Manji want rightly consigned to the dustbin of history.

(And for the benefit of any redneck idiots out there who think Muslims in general believe such moronic rubbish as the above, read this!).

This is the guy Comrade Rich and Deb deem fit to be a Moderator of their forum.

This is the guy who thinks himself fit to be a potential moderator of Snooty Sims.

This odious little creep isn’t fit to run diarrhoea, though Frith knows he spouts enough of it.

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