Why BreeBree711’s being hassled by Blaze Ives

Earlier in the week, BreeBree711 posted up a phrase that was both ominous but also 100% accurate.

Sims Forums had just become the latest forum to find Blaze Ives aka Insufficiency joining (under the pseudonym of Anonomous) with the singular intent of causing trouble (the Crazies forum and Jazz-Hands had also had his attentions – the latter case unsuccessful as mentioned before due to their 5 moderated posts rule).

Having restarted the shitbag saloon of OTSimmers again, he’s found much to his surprise that although he can be guaranteed the usual creeps when they’re not wrecking other chats/forums or fapping off to Boxxy/BeckiiCruel/Someone else beginning with the letter B (Barney the Dinosaur?)  – plus those who never learn that you’re known by the company you keep (and then wonder why Lady Emillye permabans them from Sims Sanctuary…), he’d clearly burned a few boats too many last time round with his behaviour.

Hence why not only has he been hanging around the EA Forum like a lovesick turd making contentious posts to attract attention, but has also been trying his luck – and others patience – elsewhere, desperate to be in the spotlight.

When you consider that BreeBree711 and her friends had to effectively abandon the EA Forum because of the usual criticism-turned-lynch-mob nonsense going on there, the fact that Blaze Ives made a specific point of joining Sims Forums with no other intention than trying to upset her specifically speaks volumes about this pathetic little man.

Observers will care to notice that despite MaxisMatt also being in on the twat-swatting, Blaze Ives only picks his fight with BreeBree711.

This happened not only in one thread at Sims Forums, but in two.

It was all started to smack of some sexually frustrated character from a Dennis Potter TV series obsessively following some blonde around and picking fights with her as some sort of bizarre cathartic substitute for real intimacy – a real regular Harold Atterbow if ever there was one.

Why had Blaze Ives (and his handful of tagalongs) been harassing BreeBree711, MaxisMatt and their friends anyway over their fake wedding threads on the EA Forum anyway?

The reason is simple – noting the high post count they got,  he saw such a thread as a way to publicise his own shitbag chat/forum by running one of his own, but needed to make sure that the ‘competition’ were all either intimidated into ceasing theirs or were unable to as they were suspended/banned. Strange – is it not -that his appeared the only one not suffering from the people involved being suspended or banned, or the threads being deleted?

To put into some context his posts about BreeBree711 and MaxisMatt getting ‘too s*xual over the internet’, particularly with regard to the EA Forum:

To give you a small reminder here, this is Blaze Ives talking about making whoopee with Firestar77_2 – a 15 year old girl (bear this in mind for later – with no future pun intended…)

No wonder 435q felt more than uncomfortable.

Strangely, those purveyors of decency and family viewing the EA forum SimGurus/Customer Services see nothing wrong with these posts but saw fit to ban BreeBree711 for 72 hours for ‘board disruption’.

Who is this odious little creep Blaze Ives anyway those regulars on the Sims Forums will ask?

Blaze Ives first came to most people’s attention when he got involved over at Gossip Girl Sims 3 last September, doing much the same routine as Windsor Erick was later to do with Snooty Sims on 17th March this year.

It came as little surprise to anyone knowing human nature that Blaze Ives then went on to start OT Simmers, which from the outset was, er, rather like a high school clique gossiping about others – and just to crown it mainly consisted of those very people from GGSims3 he’d lectured a few months ago!

But then anyone that had been watching him over at the appropriately named Gaia site – the nursery for many a wannabe troll starting off (including a certain GrammarKing back in the days before he learned to mend his ways) could have told you that what he told others to do and what he did himself tended to be mutually exclusive.

Or for that matter the members of More Awesome Than You.


It would have come as even less of a surprise to anyone that had been unfortunate enough to encounter Blaze Ives before, as the sad little man’s been craving internet fame and being able to lord it over ‘followers’ one way or another for a while.

Before becoming involved in the Simmers world last year, he tried running an RPG forum called Human Instinct in 2008 that flopped…

…then another called Crosshair the following year that was also a monumental flop.

Three whole members – oh dear!

Nice avatar, epitomising the  ‘cool guy’ he could only dream himself to be.

Now for the part that isn’t so funny.

He claims to be a 13 year old boy still at school…

…a 21 year old…

(don’t worry SuperPogimon, that picture’s not him before you ask!)

…and both a 13 year old and a 19 year old at the same time.

However, we at The Mare’s Nest have discovered two places which he has joined where he admits to the same age by his date of birth – 16th June 1987 – making him 23.

Firstly from his failed forum Human Instinct in 2008.

Secondly, on one of the various Voice Acting forums he’s signed up to.

Suddenly that picture in OTSimmers logo doesn’t seem so funny now, does it?

Neither do his posts on the EA forum to Firestar77_2.

If this was the UK, we’d have no hesitations at all for obvious reasons in informing the authorities over what appears suspiciously to be a 23 year old impersonating a 13 year old (especially one with a fixation it seems over matters ‘of the flesh’ with teenage girls) and let them do the finding out what his real age is.

But it’s in the USA, it’s a different jurisdiction, so he’s your lot’s sodding problem as far as we’re concerned – you can look into sorting out your own low life yourselves. But someone that appears to be telling wildly differing stories all over the shop has more than a bit of explaining to do. We’ve already a good guess what his excuse will be, but the fact he gave the exact same date on two completely differing websites (one of which he ran, remember) separated by a timespan of two years between them makes us smell a rat.

Our primary concern is that of Sims Forums having this nasty little creep on board where he’s no other intention other than causing trouble just as they appear to be turning a corner in their fortunes

We say to owner Matt terminate ‘Anonomous’ with extreme prejudice.

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