And Evergreen still enjoying stirring s**t

Over at Vidkid20’s Sim Lair, Evergreen’s still milking matters for all they’re worth.

So let’s translate Alpha/Evergreen’s dribbings into some sort of coherent English:

I’m not even going to tell you how wrong about me you are

‘…because I know I am completely incapable of doing so.’

I’m not so cold as to blog about internet drama shit.

‘…because no one reads mine, so I have to do the internet drama shit everywhere else – the EA Forum and other people’s blog chats and comments sections – to get some attention to my sorry self.’

‘Excuse your horrible grammar’ followed by a comma? In that case it should have read ‘Excusing your horrible grammar’ since you creating a separate clause within the sentence.

Remember the old rhyme: As a cat has paws at the end of its claws – so a comma is the pause at the end of a clause.

Do try to remember it if you want to be a little Grammar Nazi. Or cease trying to be a little smart-arse when most could beat your IQ with one dart!

If Vid didn’t want SHIT going down on her blog, maybe she should have slowed down and thought for a second about posting this useless internet drama SHIT. Makes you look REAL mature when you do.

‘…We’re shitting bricks that this has got our far further than Lady Emillye’s website and are terrified that suddenly a lot of Simmers have now got wise to what sort of nastiness we create for cheap laughs and may decide we’re more trouble than we’re worth. Especially when they realise we all hang around the Simmers Down Under chat with Firestar77_2, Lawertend, SimsCreator16 and Windsor Erick…’

I’m sorry for trying to stand up for a fucking friend, I didn’t know that was an internet crime.

‘…I’m not standing up for a ‘friend’ – I don’t know the meaning of the word. It is temporarily convenient for me to stick up for Chama123 or any of the other ‘HappehSauceSimmers’ because bashing Lady Emillye is a good laugh – at least it was, until we found out that it wasn’t just all of us against just her…’

Harsh? Let’s put this into context:

‘Vid, if I may say, AE got it wrong xD It’s lady bitch-a-lot, not lady whore-a-lot xD’

Excuse us, but what is it that you thought was so funny about a comment from Chama123 that would earn a well-earned Doc Martin in the face at high speed repeatedly if she or anyone else said it to someone face-to-face?

There’s nothing  joke-worthy about what was said, least of all because it was done to someone that’s done nothing but been kind to other Simmers – including you and those currently having a go at her and those applauding her refusing to lie down and take it.

You’re not standing up for Chama123. You’re only doing what you always do – pratting about the Sims world looking for anywhere and everywhere you can find trouble and do your uttermost to make it worse for your own sick little amusement.

We’d love to see you try any of that shit on Builders Boulevard or Simatography – you’d last about 5 minutes before being permabanned from it for your trouble.

If you want to know why we removed the link to your forum many weeks ago, your behaviour over the last 48 hours is ample answer repeated all too many times to all too many people, until in the end our patience ran out. Keep this up, and you may find we’re far from the only ones.

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