It’s enough to make you choke, Sim Romanov

After our bit about Comrade Deb dropping herself and the others in it big time over at Sims Nation, we ought to have been on our guard for some sort of revenge act of sabotage, but foolishly our guard was down as to Sim Romanov

(Let’s face it, with a name like Romanov, we always thought his role with the Comrades was bound to be that of some no-good bourgeoise counter-revolutionary. Does that make the Crazies the Mensheviks of the Simmers world? We should be told…)

Back on Wednesday, the youngest of The Mare’s Nest popped in on Sim Romanov’s blog SR’s Deep Thoughts (imagine a toothpaste having its own blog!) and found themselves having to clean their computer screen and keyboard twice in succession as a result of reading first this:

(Mitre given us some advanced warning!)

Then this:

We’d sue for defamation if it were us – after all, Google are rolling in lolly, so gotta be worth a try for a bumper settlement out of court!

(As Steve Dallas said, ‘God Bless America – The Land Of The Lawsuit!’)

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