Rud3boy stealing? You Don’t Know the HALF of it!

Over at Bluebell Flora’s Blog, they’ve been reporting on Rud3boy aka Rud3bwoy aka Rud3bw0y aka Rud3bwoyz aka Exclusiv3 aka XcLusiv3.

He turns up a fair old bit on the EA membership lists with the Rud3bwoy name alone – five times to be exact.

(Answers on a postcard to that one, but keep a note of that address in the Queens district of New York, it’s important for later).

But with the same details in each.

You will also have noticed the same Simmie that also turned up in the avatar or Rud3boy and Rud3bwoyz. The strange thing is that in the majority of accounts, no game’s are recorded, although you need to have at least one in order to create a membership (so the theory goes).

It also turns up here.

Makes old Comrade Rich look like an amateur!

There’s no point in him trying to deny it. If you are still in need of a clincher, you could always try his Sims 2 account!

Both the variants of names together in one easy package!

Note that he claims to be eighteen back in 2005. Note also that elsewhere in his page, he reveals his real name.

Public records show that someone with the same name as him left school back in the year 2000, but having only attended for 4 years (1996-2000).

The minimum age to leave school in New York State is 16. If he left within the minimum period, this guy was in fact 21 back in 2005 – not 18 – and at least 26 by now.

If you are wondering why we are giving this information, and not blanking out any photos this time around, there’s a very good reason for it as you’ll soon see.

In order to make it easier for you to read, we’ll stick to using the name Rud3boy for this individual – for reasons that will become apparant later.

Rud3boy Gets Caught Out On The EA Forum

It all kicked off with a fairly old chestnut (well, it is the conker season!) when Hillcrest1414 took exception to what she claimed to be her homes being uploaded and passed off by Exclusiv3 as, well, exclusives!

Rud3boy countered by claiming that she was the one that was the thief.

(And yes, that Simmie as an avatar again)

He’d started a thread plugging what he claimed to be his wares earlier in the week.

He’s certainly been a busy boy uploading lots lately.

Including the following disputed one.

Amongst many others.

For example, take a look at his Gotti D’Or France at the top. It bears a quite remarkable resemblence to one Gotti D’or Vignoble made by Hillcrest1414 listed on her Sims 3 Real Estate blog

And did we mention a disputed Magnolia House?

Well spank our thighs and call us Charlie’s Angels if it ain’t the same dang house that Exclusiv3 had uploaded and claimed as his own!

It does have to be said that Hillcrest1414 has been shockingly naive in uploading to her own site without having any posting dates on it, leaving her wide open to Captain F**kface here to upload and claim them as his own.

Never mind, there’s a very easy way to prove Hillcrest1414 as being the true creator, and that’s by clicking on the details of the pictures she’s uploaded for what she claims to be her creations.

There you have it, just before 4pm on 17th December 2009 – ten months before Rud3boy or any of his alias uploaded it. If he’s lying about her being the one stealing that from him, we can take it as read he’s lying about all the rest that just so happen to also be in her blogpage months before he uploaded them and did a few crude changes of name.

A number of people, Bluebell Flora, xXAngelicEvilXx, Krisque, Yahtzami were somewhat cross about this individual’s behaviour of taking others things and claiming them as his own.

Sisters, you don’t know the half of it!

What Rud3boy Would Rather You – And ESPECIALLY EA – Didn’t Know.

This guy came to our notice during the gifting frenzy, where we weren’t too sure whether to feel anger or pity about his activities. Mixture of both, really.

Rud3bwoy was running a ‘contest’ where you have to be on his friends list and have to recommend his new Simmies so that they won’t get culled from the forum.

If you have to buy your friends, time to look in the mirror and see why you feel you have to – it might explain why others are hating you for free.

Now he was one of those that had a lot to say for himself during the Alexurt1 and Kerby414 banning business within the EA Forum under the Rud3boy alias, and on the Facebook groups under the following account that will be familiar to those involved over the last fortnight’s proceedings.

Same name, same moniker, same person in the picture.

Of course, he was one of those whose accounts were ‘mysteriously’ deleted at the same time that others were for stealing Simpoints from the store. The remarkable thing in his case was the rapidity with which he returned with a new name, and all five games accreditted to his new account.

He claimed it was all an error by EA and they’d given him a new account accordingly. Now, to have done this with one account, that we could believe.

But the strange thing is, he ran up a screedload of new accounts in this time.

Rud3bwoyz – 8th October

Exclusiv3 – 13th October

XcLusiv3 – also 13th October.

Either someone is incredibly flush, or there could be far more sinister reasons afoot.

'Oh Mr Wu, what can we do, 'cos Rud3boy's still a tea leaf now!'

Yes, according to this article from 11th June this year – copies of which are all over the web – this guy was caught as a software pirate, the matter being settled out of court luckily for him.

You will note that he’s listed as coming from Jamaica, New York. Jamaica is a neighbourhood within the Queens district of New York – the same district that Exclusiv3 and Rud3bwoy’s EA Sims 3 accounts  says he’s from. There’s little doubting it’s the same guy.

After what we’ve discovered, we think it may be well in the best interests of EA to have a full investigation into this individual’s activities within their Sims 3 network at the least, especially considering the plethora of accounts he seems to have run up with ease.

Could there be someone that has been able to exploit weaknesses in their website’s system after all? Could this their man?

Over to you EA.

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