Madame Lee’s Got Nothing On This

It was a dream…

…Lea Michele came into the room and said, ‘Hi, I’m Rachel Berry from Glee! I’m having so much trouble with Late Night on my laptop, if you could fix it for me I’d be so grateful!’

Before there was a chance to answer, who should walk in but Grant Rodiek!

‘Hi! I’m Grant from the Sims 3 team! I’m here to make sure your experience of Late Night is as fun and as enthralling as I envisioned it to be – as nothing matters more in life to me, and to all those at EA than 2000% customer satisfaction!’

‘Is it me or is it very hot in here?’ Lea gasped. ‘Do you mind if we both strip off down to our underwear?’

‘Hey, great thinking!’ Grant beamed. ‘You know, I’ve heard that baby oil is a great way to cool down, and it just so happens that I have a litre bottle of it right here.’

‘Squee!’ replied Rachel. ‘Hey big guy, we don’t want to put you to any trouble, but could you, like, sort of, rub the both of us all over with it?’

….do you know what happened next?

…that’s right!

….Sim Romanov turned the air blue as his alarm clock went off!

(If you’re not party to the joke, you’ll need to do some reading over at SR’s Deep Thoughts.)

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