The Taffers have gone quackers over Palmer

Okay, we thought we’d seen just about all the weirdness the Sims world was likely to ever throw at us.

But then along comes Boolprop Fight The Addiction False, and the Taffers manage to reach whole new levels of it.

They’ve started a religious devotion to the drawing of a duck.

Someone has misread somewhere. It’s the Quakers, not the Quackers!

We find their excitement to be quite disturbing.

Plenty are starring in the enterprise, including Kapn Kate and Sporks.

To boldly go where no Taffer has gone before, indeed!

There’s loads of these pictures currently up – but there is a good reason for it (sort of!)

Yes, the Taffers are celebrating the 5th birthday of BopFTAF towards the end of the month, with all manner of madness going on in the lead up to the big event.

Now don’t let it be said we’re a bunch of killjoys that refuse to join in…

Remember kids, don’t scoff at the duck – simply scoff the duck! It’s payback time for all that stale bread we give the waddling scrounging layabouts.

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