Everybody Was Midget Kung Fu Fighting

One of those ‘handled better by some, could have been handled better by others’ moments on the EA forum that are starting to get more prevailent of late (for reasons we’ll be explaining in due course).

Yes, you can always spot a new member in Chicken Licken mode.

Sim Romanov showed an example of the correct way to sooth the savage breast.

MiloandOtis on the other hand decided to make a tit of herself by inflaming matters.

Wouldn’t a simple request for the person not to post in caps have sufficed? It is Christmas after all.

Thankfully most of the others did behave in a civilised manner, like Maddiroxx.

And even Zolt65, who did in fact qualify the whole Demon Doll business a little better.

To which MidgetKungFu accepted the words of the more gracious members of the dramatis with alacrity.

But there’s always one isn’t there. And if not one, but two.

Adding to MiloAndOtis, in came IloveSims7 riding their own drama llama – although in this instance perhaps an ass would have been more appropriate.

Oh dear, looks like MidgetKungFu parried and returned a roundhouse!

It says it all for MiloandOtis’s motives that they had to come back in at this point.

Try looking in the mirror, dear.

Again, and rather bizarrely from past experiences, it was Zolt65 who was a bit more diplomatic in attempting to defuse the situation with his response, although the last sentence did seem suspiciously like attempted provocation.

MidgetKungFu’s response was a touch more diplomatic than dare we say some deserved.

So congratulations – another potential latecomer to the Sims 3 scene that’s received an experience to convince that the EA forum’s full of point scoring little wankers looking for ‘noobs’ to bait to compensate for the failings of their own sorry little lives. You’re all moaning about a lack of people around, is this sort of reception exactly helping?

CK213’s psychoanalysis of what had just passed was somewhat overegging the cake, but by then it was probably too late and MidgetKungFu had gone.

Pistolkitten’s explanation was more pragmatic – it’s all down to laziness (that and the joys of people posting to forums using mobiles that aren’t exactly build for fast typing speed!)

Unfortunately, there are many for whom the idea of learning to put their fingers on the keyboard in a position with a pinky resting within easy access of the Shift key still seems too much like hard work.

But it is the job of the civilised to show what they preceive as the uncouth barbarian – rude in speech and manner –  the error of their ways, not to participate in the same barbarity themselves, is it not?

Still, our first post guest from back in the midst of time TuityFruity12aj did manage to add an ironic ending to the proceedings.

And sometimes it is possible as with the EA forum filters to be too civil! The etiquette of the zeitgeist is indeed a battlefield.

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