This story really is a GIFT!

You know folks, lately in the Simming world it’s been a real Debbie Downer (she being Debbie Does Dallas’ cousin from Montana, in case you haven’t heard).

First the Ruthless_kk nonsense, and then the disgusting treatment of Yazzie.

But as much as the Bluebird of Fate will crap on your head, there’s always going to come along the Blue Tit Of Bumnuggetry to brighten up your day. Forgive us for our tardiness last night, but as well as a meeting about a new page that’s appearing on Friday (that’s going to be dropping a number of bombshells), we got lazy because we were too busy having fits of laughter over… well, let’s not spoil the surprise!

It all started with receiving a message from Vidkid20, saying that Kami/Kamcil19/whatever she’s called this week from the CloudTen Forum lot were looking for a way to get in touch with us to give their side of the story (one of those mentioned wishing to do so being a certain Darian – and on principle we never trust anyone named after a Martian calendar) at the same time however that Vidkid20 was getting abusive messages in her chatbox from Alabama, the same place as CTF ‘s KelleD (‘Change? Chaaaaaange?’) and her pet droog Darian (Shea44 on the EA forum) just happen to come from. Coincidence, of course.

In fact, by the time Vidkid20 had contacted us, they’d already done so – patient lot, weren’t they?

Here’s the classic bit: they’d done so using the Gifting thread, and what a lot of gifts there were too! Sixteen in total. All those lovely gifts, just to do this:

***Sigh!*** You were hoping for something more profound to have come our way, eh?

Ah well, on with the motley, all the messages coming from the EA account called Shea44 (ie. Darian’s), as explained below:

Oh no! The porcelein bunny! We’ve been sent the porcelein bunny! That’s worse than finding the horse’s head in the bed! Help! Save us!

Frazzled and stressed?  Over matters none of the three were mentioned in and whose contact with Yazzie appears to be fleeting, if any? Erm, okay.

The order of sending incidentally proved to be different from the above, with the first (and thus we’re guessing the real writer of the prelude) being Kamcil19.

Ah, but have the people we’ve been trashing ever put themselves into the feet of the people they have been trashing? Cause and effect.

If we hadn’t existed? Ah, the It’s A Wonderful Life moment. Who knows?

One thing we do know, and that’s you would probably be crying on various Sims boards about Sabsyrina, Velcroshoes and doubtless ‘Me Too’ 2Anna2002, Ravenamy and the rest of the Jazz-Hands thugs making your life miserable on the EA forum – just in case you’ve forgotten about this from October 2009 and why you punted it.

Read here, dear child, then here.

All concerning events before The Mare’s Nest appeared.

We’re not saying things are any better since we’ve appeared – that would be presumptious – but one thing we do know, and that’s whatever else we achieved, we stopped things getting a lot worse than they were.

A lot of to put it bluntly downright evil individuals were forced off the EA forum for good (or permabanned) or obliged to mend their ways because they knew that no matter how spiteful or hurtful they could be, no matter how big a gang they could organise over in Vox or anywhere else to troll the EA forum en masse,  their victims always got the last laugh – and with that some comfort to stick things out – through what we said about the scum involved.

As for attention seeking, the only reason anyone ever found out about us in the first place was a combination of first Maddy444 (regarding Comrade Rich) and the Jazz-Hands lot discovering suddenly they’d had a lot worse to worry about than Windsor Erick and Gossip Girl Sims 3 for several months without realising it, then the Sims Forums nutters (Comrade Rich again) We never looked for plugs – the site always appeared ‘as is’. We don’t seek attention, more the case it appears to seek us!

But continue.

At least she was (reasonably) civil, ***cough!***

Contrast it with Darian’s message up next, where it was curtains for us…

I’ve been waiting a long freakin’ time to write this message…

And some people think we’ve got nothing better to do!

Anyone else remember the last time we had someone accusing us of breaking the law? The Jack4740 saga and how that all ended in the hands of the police?

Except he was the one that was having to explain himself.

(For those not up to speed with that story, go here, then here, then here, then here, then here. We received a massive number of hits from a Cardiff City fans website just before Christmas, so it seems he’s back on and back up to his old tricks again – though it won’t be the Sims world he’ll be bothering again. That’s one offline butthurt he’ll not forget in a hurry)

Like Blunote00 said, you’d better not say something your butt can’t cash.

If you are going to post up some childish threats, at least attempt to straighten out the facts of your story instead of cobbling together some officious title into your tale in the hope anyone will believe it, you bumnugget!

The UK Internet Watch Foundation you mentioned (try at least getting the name right) is solely for combatting child sexual abuse – if you’d read a past Mare’s Nest post here, you’d have known about one of the team confessing to helping them blag the odd perp – indeed very odd, but that’s another story!

By the way, sending a series of sixteen messages to a recipient with many of an insulting nature in under an hour does break cyberbullying legislation in most countries – including the States. Just thought we ought to warn you (and anyone else reading) in case you have any bright ideas about doing this to someone else with an EA forum account – assuming you still have one after Hydra and co read this (Coo-ee! Ruthless_kk told us all about yoooooou!)

If we’re hiding or anonymous (oh dear, not these two cliches again!), how have you been able to get in touch with us then?

Au contraire, other people start dramas – we report on them, and occasionally end up being the ones that finish them! It’s the little scumbags that like stirring up dramas and keeping them going for their own amusement – you know, like a certain Jessamine and Blazaxx business I’m sure you’ll be familiar with – that don’t particularly like us, as we so often spoil their fun.

We pour oil on troubled waters where we can, and everytime we do, you can guaranteed others try then to chuck lighted matches on top. Bit like you three with this series of gift messages, for example!

Thanks for sending us the foul language by e-mail – if there’s anyone whose face things are going to blow up now in, it’s yours.

xMiraclesx37 dear, please – give over! Plenty will be raising an eyebrow at your words. Admit it, you love drama. Every little ‘shock! horror!’ on the EA forum, every little bust-up, troll-up and screw up, you can often be found clapping your little handies and squeeling with glee.

If you don’t like it, stop reading it. No one’s holding a gun to your head and making you read us. This isn’t the Soviet Union, where blogs read you.

Incidentally, our first action after posting briefly on the latest twist in the Ruthless_kk saga last Friday (which suffice to say sent plenty ballistic with rage) was to post two long held over episodes of Grouchy Old Bat, Sleeping Dragon precisely because all of us (one in particular) of night after night since the turn of the year it being one piece of bumnuggetry after another to report going down in the Simming world because that was what was going on and even if everyone else didn’t appear to want a night off from it (as shown by what passes for posts many nights on the EA forum), we did.

Don’t blame the mirror because you don’t like the reflection you see within.

(E-mail address blanked out)

If the ‘compromise’ you are referring to is the Yazzie affair, there’s nothing to ‘compromise’ about. Either JKAmaryllis unreservedly apologises for her part in this whole distasteful affair – the only one who seems to think she’s above having to do so despite being the instigator! – or as far as we’re concerned she can go do one with a hedgehog (which is a lot more polite that what others have said), as can anyone else that thinks she’s another one that can do what she likes to others and not face any consequences.

As for drama that doesn’t involve us – oh-ho-ho-ho! – we can assure you that the main protagonist of the latest one was very anxious that we got involved in it from the outset when it all began, to quote from one source, she ‘hadn’t read it in months and was looking to read it tonight’ – only to be rather disappointed. But she’s not been straight over Yazzie, so don’t expect her to come clean on that one either.

Thank you for all your lovely presents and giving the three of us a bloody good laugh – much appreciated!

But keeping it private? Not after you Darian/Shea44 started to use bad language.

If you forfeit being civil when making unsolicited correspondence, you forfeit the right of confidence: least of all to EA, whose system you have misused and we now sadly have been obliged to report you to, lest you get ideas about misusing the gifting function to do the same to anyone else that dares say anything detrimental about your ‘besties’.

Many thanks though to the other CloudTen Forum member that got in touch with us in a similar fashion a day earlier – who for obvious reasons after this we’ll be keeping anonymous – and who we promise to get in touch with properly sometime over the weekend (along with Cloverstardropper and a host of others forced onto the pending list thanks to one thing after another this month!).

At least there’s still some people out there that know what’s acceptable in a blog post where you’re talking to all and sundry that click in is not necessarily acceptable in an unsolicited piece of correspondence.

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