Simmers Heaven Could Prove The Turquoise Angels Hell

The struggling Sims Evolution has finally given up the ghost, and been replaced with a new forum called Simmers Heaven.

Not so much an evolution though as old wine in new bottles. Yep, that old gag of a failed forum pulling the plug and reinventing itself.

Tia1230 (aka Pepperjax1230) and Joset426 are nominally in charge, but with PlayKIMSIM, GldKelly, Nancy01905, Pierre and VPN in tow (the latter is a fantastic modder by the way, but insists on making cars no one would want the Sim self of their worst enemy to be seen dead in – if it makes VPN happy though that’s fine by us!), they may have cashed in their purple plumbobs for turquoise ones, but there’s little mistaking it’s the same old Orange Plumbob mob behind it – those from the derelict The Simmers Club now finding their umpteen splinter forums becoming their life-rafts as CJ effectively washes his hands of his ship by abandonment.

The opening went smoothly enough, apart from one outbreak of gratuitous violence:

But already they’re facing the possibility of that dread moment for any forum – the blank day of no posting – despite members visiting.

Should we be at all surprised?

Heaven forbid anyone suggest that bottom line’s a dig at CJ!

Any post-TSC can just about forget trying to win hearts and minds from its old readers in the face of competition from Twallan’s NRaas Industries on one side (and therefore by association Crazy Town and Bear Mountain Creations that Twallan – currently the undisputed toast of the entire Sims community – is effectively joined to by the hip!), but also by Dragonfly, Gmawolf, Skata19 and Ashley951’s Gnauty Li’l Gnomes (and to a certain degree Arthur’s Exhibit Sims now they have RainbowBrite on board) being perfectly positioned to cash in on the TSC forum disaster last August.

The personnel between the ex-TSC members efforts is virtually interchangeable, all are offering the same thing, and it’s pretty obvious that the success of Dragonfly’s dreaded Black Plumbob Gnome Guard’s doomed any other enterprise unwilling to look for members beyond the old TSC orbit, especially one unable to proffer anything near the same level of regular activity.

Unless they can pull some sort of Easter bunny out of the hat – or better still start getting in members from outside their usual haunts –  Simmers Heaven looks doomed to be the repetition of the same old mistakes.

The problem for the Turquoise Angels remains the same as ever – dissipating their Simming activities across a plethora of forums (eg. The Happy Simmers) and blogs they each run, posting in one anothers out of politeness and trying to shore up each doomed enterprise of dribs and drabs of activity, instead of cutting their losses and truly concentrating all their energies into one foci that might stand a chance of winning over all sorts of Simmers  –  never mind those from CJ’s Big Orange Thing – to become regulars.

If they can do that, they may still have a future.

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