Disaster For EA As World’s 3rd Largest Media Corporation Exposes Sesert34 Scandal

Yes, with only a few days to go until the release of the Generations expansion pack, EA’s just been given exactly the sort of publicity it didn’t want, but could so easily have been avoided.

Expect to find those running the EA forum doing the same as the Colonel – except perhaps in this case the Colonel in question being Saunders rather than Gaddafi, as EA’s Sims 3 chickens of bumnuggetry come home to roost.

Roz Plater, one of Fox News’ reporters based in Washington noted over the last few months for a series of ‘shock! horror!’ reports on sex offences, has now picked up on Israeli idiot Sesert34’s recent run this week of using the various new dummy accounts on the EA forum he’s been long allowed to set up with ease to post pornographic images on the EA forum, a problem that of course EA faced from trolls last year such as Smeghead but did nothing to ban the perpetrators.

Fox News is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (best known in the UK for Sky TV and the infamous The Sun newspaper), the world’s third largest media outlet with a history of running a sensationalist headline to death, and they must have thought Christmas had come early with this one. Sex, crime and ‘won’t somebody think of the children’ all rolled into one neat, nasty little package, bang on time for the start of the ‘silly season’ when finding a juicy headline right now is harder than finding a plane flying over Iceland.

By this time tomorrow, expect this story to be running all over the shop.

Don’t say you weren’t warned EA.

Everyone has e-mailed, written and telephoned your Customer Services (and PMed Simgurus using the gifting facility in desperation as well) as well as posting ‘DO SOMETHING!’ on the EA forum until we’re blue in the face about trolls – particularly Sesert34 – being allowed to run riot on your forum, and your only answer has been to scrub threads and temp ban people for daring to complain publicly about your lack of action.

Earlier in the week came the following angry post from an exasperated BluebellFlora on her blog about EA’s continued intransigence over the long running Sesert34 fiasco.

What happened next had to be seen to be believed.

BluebellFlora may have been hopeful, but we suspected the light at the end of this tunnel was the light of an oncoming train.

BluebellFlora along with xXAngelicEvilXx, Vidkid20 and ourselves along with hundreds of others have been passing information onto EA’s customer services on a regular basis about this pain in the arse for nigh on four months, and all of a sudden Simguru_BGY_11’s saying ‘we’re taking action’ and finally inviting BluebellFlora’s help?

What in the name of plumbob else did they want BluebellFlora to do? Tell them all over again from the top using two-syllable words and big colour pictures? They have the information – it’s been posted to them often enough!

The moment this happened, we’d a feeling that something else was going on behind the scenes –  there was panic in the ranks that they were about to pay the price for four months of scratching their blubberbutts and not bothering to lift a finger to sort out professionally a problem with a troll on a website run by paid staff 24/7 that’s been ongoing for a third of a year. A problem that dozens of amateur independent Sims bloggers and forums managed to sort out in their spare time before sundown.

Well people, now we know.

By this time the EA Sims 3 website would have heard from EA’s media relations department that Fox News were contacting them asking questions about what was going on at their website with Sesert34 now posting pornographic pictures, and now they had to be seen to be making some sort of public response to what was happening in the hope it would fizzle out.

They thought wrong.

You’ve had this coming to you EA for a long time for the disgraceful way you’ve treated your paying public within the Sims 3 community. As for you Sesert34, you wanted attention – boy are you ever going to get it now.

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