A Smoking Gun, A Steaming Turd & A Douchewaffle: Who Was Behind Vidkid20 & Hippiedippie’s EA Forum Permaban?

As most of you are aware (unless you’ve been living on Mars, or perhaps Snickers…), not only was Vidkid20 subjected to firstly a series of unjustifiable erasures of her modelling contest threads on the EA forum, but was then whilst questioning what was going on permabanned for having had a previous EA account permabanned, despite the fact EA happily turns a blind eye to those of hundreds of others.

For an encore, Hippiedippie was permabanned hours later. Vidkid20 simply moved all her competitions over to Simpletons – and since Hippiedippie was already a member of Zeri’s burgeoning forum no prizes for guessing where she went as well: along with the newly returned Suicidespat and Paco1200. Once again, the EA forum’s loss is Simpletons gain.

However, whilst our suspicions lay at EA’s door, Vidkid20 felt the culprit involved was a certain third rate flamer on the EA forum indulging in malicious reporting.

As Vidkid20 pointed out, the person she suspects just so happens to be frequenting her blog and making troll posts (deleted, of course). Said person is also perhaps unaware that after last year’s carry on c/o Begger Kelle_D, Windbag, and a number of other two-faced f**kwits, Vidkid20 has software installed recording the IPs of her visitors.

Who are they talking about?

In fact the only two they’d banned ‘lately’ were Vidkid20 and Hippiedippie. Guily conscience speaking? Judge for yourself by the following curious post he also made within his user page at the EA forum.

It was the speed of the denial that was so interesting, as well as his abrupt hiding of his page then putting it back up screaming denials later, hardly the actions of the innocent.

More damning, neither Hippiedippie or Vidkid20 had actually ever mentioned by name who they suspected of maliciously reporting them in order to get them permabanned. All they had mentioned was the gender.

It could have been so easily have been Sesert34 they were making their J’accuse to – indeed the burst flush from Tel Aviv was trying to claim as much on xXAngelicEvilXx’s Grumpy Toast.

So why would he think that Vidkid20 and co would suspect him – unless he knew they’d good reasons to?

Now for the puzzle. Over at Grumpy Toast, xXAngelicEvilXx was also ranting about the continued carry-on with someone in authority at EA mucking around with her account settings.

‘Douchewaffle’ – genius!

As we’ve said, we don’t regard it as coincidence that both those suffering harassment from the EA forum after recent events have been Vidkid20 and xXAngelicEvilXx (who remember no longer posts at the EA forum after giving them a very public request there to go f**k themselves – ironically, she didn’t even receive a warning or suspension for it when she’s received the fingerwagging e-mails c/o their customer services for far more innocent matters). But with Hippiedippie getting permabanned as well, that’s the ball back up on the slate.

Yes, the behaviour of SimCrazed-ThisSIMIsCrazed is that of a guilty suspect, but it could also simply be a happy coincidence that someone misusing their moderator or whatever position on the EA forum has been happy to exploit, noting our mentioning of Hippiedippie as one of those previously permabanned returning late and permabanning her as well to make it look like malicious reporting – rather than malicious moderating – was the culprit.

(Let’s not go over that old ground about EA moderators using us to police their forum for them – use the search function if you’re unfamiliar with that farce!)

That however would be to beg the question as to why JKTee511 (Mummygaga), Innuendo19 (TheOriginalBadBoy), or GrammerKing remain active as they were also mentioned by us and surely would have been targetted as well?

Now for a confession: we’ll admit that we threw in GrammarKing as a trap – as Simmiejunkie was a separate base game account, EA cannot ban GrammarKing’s account as someone previously permabanned, since the GrammarKing account existed before the Simmiejunkie account (albeit the older) had the plug pulled on it.

Contrary to the myth, EA don’t permaban for having two or more base game accounts coming from the same IP address or even registering with the same e-mail address – period – as the user could easily claim they were copies for each of their kids’ computers they’d got registered before their birthdays/Christmas/Eid/Hanukkah, etc, and who’s going to be stupid enough to risk pissing off a parent and their darling children (and their bulging wallets/piggy bank!) with corporate rules on a technicality?

So if either an EA forum user or an EA moderator has attempted to report GrammarKing’s account for recommended expulsion as a past permabanned member, they’d not have a leg to stand on.

But anyone at EA embarrassed over Vidkid20 and/or Hippiedippie’s malicious expulsion and wanting to put a stop to any further nonsense now has – the name of the person behind it.

So time now for the Simgurus (hello Hydra, we know you’re reading!) to have a little look at any such complaints filed against GrammarKing in the last couple of days and see whether perhaps one of their moderators has been attempting to abuse their position to cover their tracks where Vidkid20’s concerned, or whether some maladjust on the EA forum was sending you guys false complaints to get a legitimate member permabanned.

Over to you, EA!

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