Return Of More EA Forum Vermin – No, We DON’T Welcome Back Lehawtness813 or RawringGiraffe

One of the less welcome phenomena of late has been the reappearence of a number of the two-bit toerags during the early days of the EA forum that acted like they ran the place until they were either permabanned or fled shitting their pants after Aarin’s permaban.

Last night saw two highly unwelcome returns.

First post on return, and Lehawtness819 – one of the original unpleasant pieces of s**t on the EA forum is instantly trolling, which lets you know what his agenda is from the start.

Some of those still mooning over the old days when they were the ‘important people’ on the EA forum were glad to see this louse return.

Others like AnnitaEatsYa that also remember what all too many of those people were like were less welcoming.

Of course, it hardly needs stating that anyone with a name like LeHawtness813 is a pretentious little prick loving the smell of his own farts, however his sense of self-importance is not exactly matched by his IQ .

As if you didn’t know.

No you didn’t.

A ‘monument’ to what? How far up your own arses you and the rest of the self appointed ‘rulers’ of the EA forum were at that time and lost the Simming community hundreds of members with your selfish antics?

Let’s give LeScumbag a reminder about the truth of his less than glorious past with his ‘besties’ on the EA forum he and his mates did so much to destroy.

LeScumbag was banned from the EA forum after only 3 months…

…of ceaseless trolling and attention whoring.

Usually operating in a gang with SweetestDrug, Lipgloss and all the rest of the evil little bullies based at Vox that spent their days on the EA forum high-5ing one another and looking to see who they could pick on next, resulting in the loss of a large number of early forum members bewildered and upset at the way if you weren’t in the kiddies gang, weren’t willing to suck up to them, or were unlucky enough for them to decide you weren’t ‘kewl ‘n’ stuff’ then your life would be made a misery.

Observers will care to note the presence back then also of one SimsARL – one of the first to shit her pants and run away from her ‘besties’ once Simguru Hydra and co woke up to themselves and started reminding people who really ran the EA forum.  Little changes, does it?

Run up a post they didn’t like, and the unpleasantness started at once, such as the above example when Clarissax3 suggested a boycott of the Store unless they brought the prices down and LeScumbag used an internet meme to suggest she was retarded.

These were the days Rflong7 was often to be found fighting what was often a lonely battle intervening in threads threatening to get nasty and doing her best to inject a sense of proportion and civility to events.

Once a victim was targetted and had reacted, you could be sure they’d do their best to keep needling them until they were no longer forum members.

LeHawtness813 was always looking in particular to provoke Jehovah’s Witnesses on the EA forum, and despite the clear prohibition on making political or religious jibes, he got away with targetting them for three full months.

But the long overdue happened, and LeScumbag got the boot finally for his behaviour – precious few beyond his fellow kiddie gang members mourned his passing.

After ‘The Rapture’ of August 2009, he only dared sneak back in the following year, but with most of his ‘besties’ having been permabanned or fled, and a new generation of Simmers aboard with little time for those with egos that had moons orbitting them, he has done little more than lurk, sulking over his decline and fall from ‘greatness’, ever hoping for a ‘comeback’.

With the current carry-on c/o Bubblehead and co, it appears that he’s now chancing his arm again.

We say break it before he gets the chance.

First night back ‘officially’ and he’s at it again.

If this evil piece of s**t starts his antics again on the EA forum, don’t retort – REPORT! He’s an unrepentent troller and stirrer whose only source of amusement is keeping the flames fanned and seeing other forum members unhappy.

As for you EA, seriously how stupid are you to allow him to run up another account without banning it?

It’s not as if he didn’t give you a big enough clue, did he?

The other vermin that has returned is the snivelling RawringGiraffe, one of Aarin’s lesser toadies.

Her last hurrah on the EA forum was spitting the dummy with the other vanquished Aarinites when JKTee511 beat Aarin’s post record – and with it removed her last claim to ‘greatness’ on the EA forum – as well as making one last attempt to get Jix2993 permabanned. As ever, she failed, retreating with the other defeated snark kiddies to the likes of  More Awesome Than You/Paysites Must Be Destroyed.

But now with Fatbeard’s bubble well and truly burst as a modder, and no longer enjoying a plentiful supply of ‘noobs’ to bait (going to Twallan’s NRaas Industries, run as it is by decent human beings), she and plenty of others from there are laying a slime trail over to the EA forum and elsewhere: contrary to what her ‘bad’ memory may have you believe.

Still, with the EA forum already overrun with attention whores of late, with any luck they’ll all get one another permabanned and everyone will be able to get some peace and quiet again!

But our advice is if either of these two start any of their antics again, treat as dead until they learn to mend their ways.

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