Symanteco Needs A Real Economy More Than The Sims 3 Does

Oh, look who’s also come crawling out again, hoping that everyone’s forgotten about him?

Do you not think EA had not already gone through all those options and either decided to put them in a future projected expansion pack or rejected them as making the game less of a social based game and more a spreadsheet game?

You want a business game – go buy one. But it’s doubtful many of the children which are EA’s core Simming customers will be following suit.

Sims 3 already has a game behind it. Hence why it sells – unlike your efforts to date.

But this wasn’t about your concerns for the game. This was the annual BIG post from this clown – Rudi aka Simanticus aka Symanteco and about a dozen other alias – to gather attention to himself and his shitty fail of a paysite.

This twerp cannot even deliver on his own promises on enhancing your game, let alone telling anyone else how to do it.

Taken from his own Soulful Sims website.

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you unfamiliar with this charletan, please consult the following threads.

5th September 2010 (correcting the rumours as to who this clown is),

31st October 2010 (using a flag of convenience Sims Mafia to cover who they are)

1st November 2010 (Lady Emillye at Sims Sanctuary further busts them)

21st November 2010 (Rudi targets The Simmers Society, some members object)

22nd November 2010 (xXAngelicEvilXx expelled from The Simmers Society by Ricslady for criticising Rudi – first most TSS members learn of the expulsion is from reading The Mare’s Nest as Ricslady and co start covering up big time).

23rd November 2010 (Rudi being given carte blanche by The Simmers Society to say whatever crap he wants unchallenged, anyone daring criticise him fearing the same fate as xXAngelicEvilXx.)

21st January 2011. No explanation necessary!

Or you can pop over to Sims Sanctuary and ask Lady Emillye all about it and pop over also to Freedom Simmers and ask xXAngelicEvilXx all about it too. You know where the links are!

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