Grouchy Old Bat, Sleeping Dragon (Part 11)

The Story So Far…

Cloverstardropper aka Switch has landed on the holiday last resort of Sleeping Dragon island, where Jarsie9 has told her she has until midnight to pay for napalming her car back in Twinbrook or she’ll beat the crap out of her on the Dojo fields, she in turn telling Jarsie9 she’s until midnight to pack her bags.

To add to Switch’s woes, the Doctor and Furyred have arrived with three Jazz-Handers to retrieve their Tardis (and probably break Switch’s neck for making off with it!) – not knowing that Captain Moryrie intends nicking the Tardis for her, Reesaroo and JKTee511 the parrot to become ‘time bandits’ in.

However, after the epic battle of Sleeping Dragon Bay Cross, Madame Lee and Vera Blake Trelawney forced the crew of the Hogan’s Deep Sea Diner to retreat back to their ship – although Zhivan appeared a little less unhappy with this set back than was to be expected…

The other tourists meanwhile – Pollysim, Cororon, Breebree711, Couriervaughan, MaxisMatt and Sharkloverplayer – have discovered that the island’s famous butterflies feared by the locals are deadly poisonous, just as Pollysim, Zhivan and Maxismatt all begin having terrible pains in their necks.

As a result, all the tourists are quarantined at Broodfay Minion Manor, except for Pollysim who went on the run – with the local police having orders to shoot-to-kill on sight (not knowing that all their weaponry has been sabotaged).

She runs into Zhivan at Seafay Tower, having somehow escaped from the confines of the ship, where she discovers he’s invited other ex-Jazz Handers Evil One, Mcrashlee, and Lindy Knitgirl to help him track down someone he believes wants to stop his investigations into Aarin’s necromantic activities in Twinbrook; and they discover from her they’ve been tricked onto an island full of Butterflies of Doom which spread the dangerous Hands On Neck Syndrome malady they’re extra susceptible to.

Before Pollysim answers whether she’ll help her former colleagues put a stop to the shenanigans, they are confronted by Strawberry Rotten, who admits to tricking Zhivan and the others to Sleeping Dragon so she can eat their brains. When Strawberry reveals an Armalite assault rifle, they flee for their lives.

Meanwhile, desperate for ideas, Cloverstardropper discovers a secret underground chamber in the nectary holding Jix2993, where she learns how the Black Widow became a Jewish vampire and of the sinister use of the island’s tourists as unwitting guinea pigs to test the malignant effects of the Butterfly of Doom (which causes Hands On Neck Syndrome). Both agree to join forces to put a stop both to the locals and the outsiders various machinations.

Jix2993 breaks out those being held at Broodfay Minion Manor, confronts Gillie about his part in allowing his fellow tourists to be used as unwitting test subjects, and tells them that there a cure for Hands On Neck Syndrome right under their noses at the Nectary, whilst Cloverstardropper goes out to make her fateful midnight appointment with Jarsie9…

‘Right, can’t put it off anymore, here goes to the Dojo fields.’

‘Just gotta hope to plumbob this works.’

‘…or I’m dead!’

‘So you actually turned up?’


‘Did you bring the money? I will of course be counting it just to make sure!’


‘So, thought I was bluffing, you little smartass? First I’m going to unleash my Sim-Fu skills to skin you alive – then I’ll be handing over what’s left of you to the local police!’

‘So you thought I was bluffing when I told you to be here with your bags packed? Well you leave me with no choice but to unleash the pumpkin!’

‘Pumpkin? What childish nonsense is this? What pumpkin?’

‘What pumpkin.’


‘Well she always did want to make a splash!’

‘Ah, and here comes the cavalry! HELLO POLLY!’

Looks like Pollysim at least managed to escape from Strawberry Rotten!

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

”You’ve got to be kidding me!”? Wasn’t this where we first came in Pollywoggles?’

‘I warned you what I’d do if you called me Pollywoggles again!’

‘Hey, watch it! I’m already flattened a black belt tonight, I’m sure I could tackle a black pullover as well! All shall bow to my crabbiness!’

‘Wha…. you beat her? But… but how? You… you’ve not even got a scratch on you!’

‘It wasn’t because I outfought Jarsie9 – it’s because I out-thought Jarsie9. Like I told you: I’m the very model of a modern Major-General!’

‘Modern Major Bumnugget more like it! Come on, the truth now? Did you pay her off somehow? Stumble on some secret stash of money? Where is Jarsie9 now anyway?’

‘Ding dong bell, the Old Bat’s in the well. Who put her in? My little Pumpykins!’

‘Come again?’

‘These pumpkins growing wild rather than being cultivated are riddled with caterpillars – caterpillars of the Butterfly of Doom, which have their own nasty little box of tricks whenever they feel threatened. For one they glow like a lightbulb, for…’

‘The Butterfly of Doom? How do you know about…’

‘Let’s just say I got a crash course in them from an expert! Caterpillars tend to be that bit better protected than butterflies, as they’re more at risk from predators. You know, spiny hairs and the like. Anyway, the caterpillar of the Butterfly of Doom do all the nasty little mind tricks that the flittery versions do, and then some, scrambling your brains to make you see, hear and smell all sorts of nightmarish stuff based on the immediate environment.

That’s what happened to Jarsie9 – the pitch of my voice when I shouted set off the defence mechanisms of every caterpillar in this pumpkin patch. She freaked out and fell into the well. That she’s not come back up means she must have hit the service duct trip switch at the bottom and been flushed out into the bay. Hope she can swim – if not, it’ll be a very opportune time for her to skill up on it!’

‘But I don’t get it, how come you didn’t end up freaking out over what the butterflies were doing? It’s not as if they can focus their mind bending stuff on a target, it affects anyone and anything within a given radius!’

‘Ah, now for the clever part! The cure and prevention to the Butterfly of Doom miasma on your mind is growing in the gardens of the Nectary!’

‘Sleeping Dragon specialises in a number of Nectars that have been drunk by the locals as traditional health tonics for centuries!’

‘Oh, you mean like Buckfast – the one made out of Burberries?’

‘Very funny, Pollysim! The major specialities amongst their nectar racks are Dragon’s Tears and Dragon’s Breath.’

‘Is that because that’s what you’ve got in the morning after spending all night drinking it?’

‘No, because they’re meant to have restorative powers taken from the legendary dragon that’s supposed to have formed this island. The locals believe that when the dragon went to sleep, the dragon’s powers spread into the fruit – its tears became the Life Fruit, its fire the Flame Fruit. They are the key to countering any ill-effects from the Butterfly of Doom!’

‘All I had to do before coming to do battle with Jarsie9 was eat my fill of Flame Fruit and keep a couple in my pocket for the positive warming moodlet they bring, and I was safe. So long as you have Flame Fruit in your system daily, you’re fine to live near them!

‘Wait a minute! So that means all you need to do is grow Flame Fruit in your garden in order to ward off Hands On Neck Syndrome?’

‘Not quite. Flame Fruit will prevent you getting it in the first place, but you need both Flame Fruit and Life Fruit if you are showing the symptoms. Each counters a specific problem – taking Flame Fruit counters the desire HONS triggers to flame, and the Life Fruit satisfies and suppresses any megalomania and paranoia it brings.’

‘In other words, the Life Fruit helps you get a life?’

‘Got it in one!’

‘But… how did you find out all this in such a short space of time? It couldn’t have been from the locals – those buggers were that determined to cover up what the butterflies were doing to tourists, they were going to shut all of us up in a house until medics from Sunset Valley supposedly arrived – I got away though!’

‘Let’s just say it was an old friend – and speak of the devil, or rather the Black Widow!’

‘It’s been quite a night for having reunions with old acquaintances! Do you think she’ll be pleased to see me?’


Maybe not!

Can Cloverstardrop, Jix2993, Pollysim and the others now finally escape Sleeping Dragon with the precious secret of the cure to Hands On Neck Syndrome to the outside world?

What has happened to the Jazz-Handers and the crew of the Hogans Deep Sea Diner? Did they also manage to escape Strawberry Rotten as well as the islanders? Can they now rejoin their friends at the Nectary in peace?

What will be the final fate of Sleeping Dragon island?

And have they really seen the last of Jarsie9?


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Sleeping Dragon is a Sims 3 world created by Tea_And_Blues (Kiwi Tea) along with the lovely Dyers Island and Niua Simoa.

You can find on the EA Sims 3 Forum – when they have it working!

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