Rflong7’s War Of The Worlds (And The Bumnugget That Tried To Frame Her)

So Rflong7 has yet again had a hissy fit, and pulled out not merely her scrunchies, but also all her worlds from download from the EA forum.

Regarding the last two paragraphs, so running up a WordPress blog and putting your worlds on a free file server like Mediafire is beyond someone that’s mastered something like CAW? Sure.

We’ll come back to this later, but first, this is how it all unfolded.

So she vowed to take down her worlds – all of them.

You can guess the reaction.

Now for how it all happened in the first place.

How It All Kicked Off

Things started in the middle of a tutorial thread for Create-A-World in Mod The Sims, where they were discussing ways of getting existing towns….

(Look, can we stop here for a moment? They’re not worlds, they’re towns, cities, islands, whatever, not worlds! A world’s a big spherical thing with oceans and stuff. Except if over at Jazz-Hands of course where you believe the world is flat!)

(Okay, rant over, please continue!)

… ahem …. existing towns edited.

Rflong7 took exception to one of them admitting they were meddling with one of her worlds and demanded they stop.

Simsample gave what was a polite enough reply.

Rflong7 was having none of it however.

Simsample made what could only have been the worst possible reply doing what every snot nosed locker room lawyer does in quoting EA’s terms of service.

Considering how notorious Simsample sets store in respecting any organisation’s Terms Of Service as one of Pescado’s ‘All Property Is Theft – Except For Mine’ pirate buddies, this could easily have constituted a red rag to a bull.

Taken From ModTheSims2 in 2008 - Simsample's part in Paysite's Must Be Destroyed's copying of the InSiminator website after it was sold by its owners to a third party.

Things began to deteriorate as Simsample played the ‘Whatever! Whatever! I’ll do what I want!’ card followed with the unedifying spectacle of him first making pulling a disingenuous claim she was being ‘off-topic’ and wanting to make her complaints a private topic, and finished off with the old ‘I’m The Big Bad Admin & I’m Telling You To Shut Up Bitch & Make Me My Dinner!’ routine.

What followed was a mass of deleted posts as the resident sycophants of the Mod The Sims admins ran in to the attack and Rflong7 sought to defend her position, leading to a rash of deleted posts and a rather curious dummyspit from Simsample.

If you’re not interested in anyone else’s interpretation of the EA’s software licence, then why did you post it up as an argument in justification of your own position in the first place?

As for a Mod The Sims moderator invoking the EA forum of all places as an alternative place to discuss the topic regarding the goings on at MTS, really Simsample!

Matters went rapidly downhill after that.

As an exercise in pig-headedness all round, it was an unfortunate classic.

Still, we had to laugh at his part, ‘From what I have seen of your creations they look very original and well thought out…’

Thank goodness Rflong7 didn’t have an Aarin-esque ‘Um, you obviously don’t know who I am’ moment at that howler – although you could hardly have blamed her if she did, or if someone else had pointed out that she’s only the best World creator out there, bar none – the one all others strive to emulate, and has been practically since CAW first became available.

For the love of plumbob Simsample, get out of the basement more!

Rflong7’s Argument: A Little Knowledge Is Dangerous In The Wrong Heads.

Now to be fair, Rflong7 didn’t exactly argue her case well in parts (were we the only ones having trouble understanding her English in places, albeit someone typing in anger seldom does so coherently?) and some of what she said may have come across as Rflong7 doing a Sims equivalent of Lew Pulsipher.

But ultimately what we have here is a clash of perspectives.

Mod The Sims does have a philosophy amongst its members that one should be allowed to meddle with the Sims series as far as possible just because one can. Doubtless these were the kids never happy unless they were taking their toys apart with screwdrivers to see what was inside, vivisecting their hamsters, and so on. If there was a Mod The Sims convention and you put a notice in the hall next to a button saying Danger! Cyanide Gas Valve! Do Not Press This Button Unless Wearing Breathing Apparatus!, you could be sure the entire hall would be dead in a heap around that button before the paint on the sign dried.

Rflong7 on the other hand is – and with all respect to those on Mod The Sims – far more experienced in what goes on within the wider World building community as a whole from her time on the EA Create-A-World forums and beyond, as opposed to the at times self-congratulatory MTS/GOS/MATY cadre.

Last year saw a hardening of hers and others attitudes towards giving out all knowledge to absolute beginners after a spate of people – including herself – found various dipwads trying to pass others worlds off as their own, or abusing the uploading of ‘blank’ versions of the CAW files (which has also been done by Richdre over at Bear Mountain Creations and Crazy Town) in order to repost what were little more than these blank canvases with a few crappy adjustments and having the gall to pass them off as their own ‘work’, making the World Index at EA all the more important in saving members from having their time wasted downloading some spotty urchin’s Sherry Bobbins effort.

This became worse when Drowssap had discovered a way of breaking into any existing game world – whether EA made or independently made, and Rflong7 felt this was opening a Pandora’s Box to cheats and fraudsters.

What Rflong7 was saying in a round-the-houses manner (and trying not to look like an egomaniac in the processs) is that such knowledge openly in the community would could be an open invitation to the Rud3bwoy’s of the Sims community to plagiarise existing worlds (especially good ones) and repost with a few cosmetic changes and claim as their own, rather than learn to make them properly by the same process all the best Sims world creators had – ie. sitting down with the program and learning how to do it.

Or to be concise, Rflong7’s argument is that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially when given to those only interested in the littlest knowledge they can get away with in the first place.

If there isn’t enough problems with people plagerising Sims and Lots, adding the plagerising of any world – even EA’s own – could be like adding a match to gunpowder as far as tempers are concerned throughout the Simming community.

As if there wasn’t enough bumnuggetry doing the rounds at the new year, the whole business flared up again, with multipurpose douchewaffle-for-all-arguments Edhla sticking her oar in, although we have to confess Rflong7 did herself no favours with her ‘intellectual property’ nonsense.

Rflong7 demolished Edhla’s arguments without turning a hair, an abject lesson in why snotty Edhla of the first form really ought not to take on Headgirl Rflong7 in the debating club if she doesn’t want a dialectical dildoing.

The Reaction To Rflong7 Taking Down Her Worlds.

Returning to the EA forum thread from which we started this post, Pary neatly summed up Rflong7’s own argument dare we say a lot better than she had.

Then came a certain bumnugget of the EA Forum’s Create-A-World section by the name of Tjstreak – keep this name in mind for later, it’s important.

Pary sent him packing.

We find all the abuse of horses on that thread quite disconcerting, you know!

Rflong7 made clear her position regarding using her files, and taking Mod The Sims to task for their hypocritical pick-and-choose attitude towards the EA EULA that it’s little secret they don’t care too flying French ones about anyway.

Geminiagre followed this by pointing out the one matter those at Mod The Sims were skirting around, the fact they were choosing to tell others how to crack into people’s ready made CAW worlds without using CAW. If EA had been okay with people doing that, why didn’t they allow the ability to do that with CAW in the first place?

The answer is of course they knew it would be a recipe for disaster, with the EA uploader groaning under the weight of Frankenstein worlds crashing games left right and centre, and they’d be snowed under with people calling or e-mailing them demanding they be taken down.

Someone Tries To Set Up Rflong7 For Flaming On Garden Of Shadows

Meanwhile, over at Garden Of Shadows – which tends to be somewhat joined at the hip with the MTS and MATY/PMBD lot – something strange was going on.

Anyone else thinking what we’re thinking?

No, not that!

No, what we’re thinking is that anyone remotely familiar with Rflong7 will know her grasp of English and spelling to be a lot better than the above. ‘Opressed’ indeed!

Secondly, she’s been in the Sims world since Sims 2, and knows well enough that if there was anywhere she would be guaranteed a very unsympathetic hearing, it would be at Garden Of Shadows.

You can guess what the reaction was.

Yeah, yeah, sure. If those running Mod The Sims (or for that matter MATY/PMBD) cut a broadcast of them all shagging sheep on the White House lawn right into the last minute of a tied Superbowl final, those on Garden Of Shadows would applaud it unquestioningly anyway.

You do have to wonder how dumb moderator Steerpike was in taking the post at face value in the first place. Don’t these people ever venture into the big bad Sims world and get to know the people outside of their own little Mordor?

Never mind. If they had, they might have noticed that this Rflong post wasn’t ‘posting this everywhere’ – Garden Of Shadows was the only place it turned up.

What was of interest to us was who could have been behind it – two days after the events first started – and what was their motive?

Well, we think we have the answer.


The same TJStreak so anxious to pick a fight with Rflong7 runs a blog, unknown to most of those outside the MTS/GOS/MATY-PMBD orbit, and for which you can be truly thankful.

He doesn’t have much good to say about Mod The Sims moderators.

He really doesn’t have anything good to say about Rflong7 either! On Thursday 28th July, he made the following post:

Let’s get one thing straight, and that is any insinuation on TjStreak’s part about Rflong7 maltreating Drowssap can be easily dismissed by viewing her own EA forum page.

So who's the Santa Claus circled in the red then?

Yeah, Rflong7 gifting fellow Simmers without blowing her own trumpet about it from the highest height – what a complete bastard!

Apparantly Rflong7 and her ‘clique’ (never knew a perennial drifter like her had one, but never mind!) are involved in a crusade against custom content.

So no game has captured his interest like this one and what keeps it fresh and interesting for him is custom content, such as the sort he makes.

What sort might that be?

Do you really want to know?

Erm, more tea Paco1200?

Much of this muppet’s custom content appears to involve his obsession with a certain jazz mag ‘model’  (as you can see above, he’s even made a Simself of her!)

Erm, more tea Paco1200?

But we digress.

Now of course it could be a remarkable coincidence that someone tried to keep the flame war going between Rflong7 and Mod The Sims with a yellow post in a pro-MTS forum the day after TJStreak – no fan of MTS moderators – made his ludicrous claims against her in his own blog. But as this clown has demonstrated he has scant regard for truth or objectivity insofar as Rflong7 is concerned, we reckon he’s the prime suspect.

(As an encore, in a bid to further boost his own credentials that he’s a ‘bad ass’, he’s also absurdly trying to claim that TSR are trying to hack him down. Why would they bother? All they would need to do is inform the porn model whose pictures he’s reposting en masse, and his Blogger account would be lucky to last the day – hardly Kevin Mitnick stuff!)

And Finally, Back To Rflong7

Much as we sympathise with Rflong7 being unhappy with those at MTS mucking around using S3PE (or whatever else) and opening the potential for others to take hers and others CAW work and try to pass it off as their own, her behaviour smacks of cutting off her own nose to spite her face.

Yes, they’re her worlds to do with as she wishes, but once they’ve been entered into the public domain it’s long past too late to worry about what others might do with them. That’s the price we all pay for the freedom of the internet.

Taking down her worlds from the EA Forum was hardly going to teach those at Mod The Sims a lesson now, was it? The only people really being hurt in all this are fellow EA forum users – and not merely from not being able to download.

Some of those on the EA forum, regardless of what they may say out loud, will be starting to become increasingly worried about the usual steady and dependable Rflong7 turning into a bit of a prima donna of late: this is not the first time she’s thrown a wobbly over the last few months and done a James Brown on stage ‘I can’t go on!’ routine.

Rflong7, you’re too long in the tooth for that sort of nonsense. Cut it out!

However, Simsimple’s logic is equally as absurd and equally as childish in saying that if Rflong7 doesn’t want others mucking around with her worlds she should take them down – little more than a childish retort of ‘ well just take your ball and go home, you big poopy pants!’ Again, as they’ve already been in the public domain and downloaded all over the shop, what would that achieve, other than making it easier for neer-do-wells to attempt to pass off largely her work as their own if there’s not the original to point to uploaded many moons before on the EA forum (or wherever).

As for TJStreak, frankly anyone that sees the Sims 3 less as a game and more as something else entirely (we wonder if his monitor screen has a windscreen wiper attached?) is more to be pitied than scolded. But if he was indeed the one that tried to stir the pot between not merely Rflong7 and Mod The Sims, but Rflong7 and Garden Of Shadows members as well, he’d better remember that what goes around comes around faster than he may think.

On that note, we’re ending this. Enough!

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