The 11th September Bumnuggetry Jambouree – And Sesert34 UNMASKED! (Gotcha You Little Schmuck!)


If it isn’t bad enough having the likes of fading actress Gwyneth Paltrow trying to cash in on the 10th Anniversary of You Know What to plug her latest movie (a coincidence, of course!), we’ve had people doing the same on the EA forum, with predictable results.

Before you all put on your best puppy dog/Princess Diana Queen Of Hearts eyes like you’re watching the True Movies channel, here’s what that bumnugget TheChronicR said on his blog.

Yes, you read him right. It’s the Illuminati that were behind 9/11.

And that dear children is why you should always be cynical towards some f**ktard making maple syrup posts on an emotive topic which had nothing whatsoever to do with Sims 3 simply for their own aggrandisement.

Heaven forbid anyone suggest they both had all the sincerity of a multinational talking about redundancies due to moving plants abroad as ‘regrettable’, and had everything to do with a bout of old emo-vampirism, with everyone trying to outdo one another in showing how ‘caring’ they were.

And before either of the above clowns – or anyone else – starts any of the ‘I lost someone at 9/11, how dare you say such a thing’, spare us that crap. If all the people on the internet that claimed to have lost someone that day were to congregate in one place, you have enough people to have repopulated China after the ‘Cultural Revolution’! Those who suffered the most, SAID LEAST – just as in any other tragedy. The ones running their mouths off were then as now those with the eye for the main chance like Alan Jackson or the 9/11 Memorial Souvenirs industry f**kers.

It has nothing to do with the Sims 3. It should never have been posted. End of story, and well done to the EA moderators for once in scrubbing all the self-indulgent posts as and when they appeared.

Pity though it was only after the inevitable happened:

Yes, Sesert34 was given all the excuse he needed to do what he’d claimed he was going to do months ago today and start posting porn pics and infantile wind ups on the EA forum as his own ‘tribute’.

We thought we’d save a censored copy of the Israeli idiot’s latest handiwork – you’ll see why later. And yes, there’s an irony of one troll – Zolt65 – moaning about the activities of another troll – Sesert34.

For the maple syrups, this was a chance for even more feigned outrage – deep down, we guess they were delighted at this turn of events as a gild edged opportunity to get even more sanctimonious.

Oh, away and raffle yourselves TheChronicR and Mattgstl! Sure neither of you would like to add ‘won’t someone please think of the children?’ while you’re at it?

You two bozos simple represent the other cheek off the same arsehole – making artless posts on a sensitive topic in order to indulge in a big fat emo ego trip for yourselves. It matters little that Sesert34 by comparison was trying to be offensive, whereas your own was offensive on grounds of good taste from a different perspective entirely.

On and on it went, the faux outrage over this rather tiresome one tricky pony from the Holy Land, and then it was gone.

Ironically, Jarsie9 may end up finding herself permabanned for one of the few sensible posts during the whole shenanigans…

…as there’s been a number of people suspended or permabanned in the past for using the world ‘sexual’ on the EA forum and our beloved mods never think about such things as context before wielding the banhammer. Time will tell.

But anyway, now for the real part of the show we know you’ve all been waiting for.

Sesert34 upsetting Bookygirl again - posted today

So you’re all fed up with Sesert34? It’s the one thing that unites the whole Sims 3 world. No matter what our differences, everyone agrees he needs to be stopped.

So what if we told you we’ve unmasked him, and we know where you can go to complain directly to his parents about his behaviour?

Sounds good? Read on.

Sesert34 has a YouTube account under the name of Robertaxss10 (although this may have in fact been initially set up by his dad), where he’s uploaded two Sims 3 videos and one of pictures of some cats – bear the cats in mind for later.

Note the link to the old Sesert34 account page on the EA forum

Sesert34 has two Twitters, one he uses for stalking BluebellFlora…

…and the other for stalking xXAngelicEvilXx.

Notice the name of Sese Wese? Guess what kiddies, it turns up elsewhere…

Oh, what’s that Ron dear? You’ve just crapped your pants? Aw, diddums!

No wonder. This account was set up by Sesert34’s mum, in the hope that her ill-behaved trolling little brat could find himself some pals on the internet.

All the pieces fall into place. Living in Israel. Likes cats. Likes The Sims 3, and ‘when he finds a topic that interests him he will research it fully’ – oh, you mean like UFOs by any chance?

And of course, Sesewese was one of the many names Sesert34 used in his harassment campaign of EA Forum users earlier in the year where he used the message one can send when gifting to send other children and adults all manner of death threats and obscenities.

What website is this we’ve found him on?

It’s a global website primarily focussed on children, parents and those working in education for sharing learning resources and the like, with 25 million members.

So if any of you who work in the field of education such as Jarsie9, Pollysim, etc. wish to join the website to get in touch with Joan A and give her some warning as to her son’s activities on the internet and why they ought to be reined in before he finds himself in the dock, now you know where to go.

If however some rather racked off moderators such as Simguru Hydra decide to point out to the EA bigwigs that they know somewhere that does know the name and address of the IP holder that’s been plastering their site with porn and death threats so their legal team can finally make a move (you are required to register your address with e-Pals to join), well tough Tnuva old bean if the sins of the son find themselves being visited upon the father and mother that failed to monitor his internet access! 12 or 13 year old or not, you’re old enough to know your behaviour was despicable.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sesert34 is all yours!

(Oh, and Sesert34’s Mum – if you happen to wander into here in the next couple of days, you may wish to type Sesert34 into our search box. It may be a good idea if you are sitting down and not drinking anything at that point)

P.S. For anyone else new to the whole Sesert34 and his umpteen alias farrago, here’s some links to keep you busy.

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