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The Grand Moving Ceremony At Boolprop Fight The Addiction False

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Thank you for joining us for these recorded highlights at one of the major events of this Simming year, the move of Boolprop Fight The Addiction False to its new home.

As expected the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Marching Band are taking part, as expected for a ceremony involving one of Canada’s leading citizens. There was concern that financial cuts imposed by Ottowa may have saw their disbandment, but as ever the Mounties have boldly improvised in this time of austerity with kazoos and Kraft Dinner spoons to lead the procession as the Taffers walk proudly into their new Halls Of Boolprop for the service of dedication.

Now we have Taffer Mod MmmToast reciting the Taffer Oath Of Remembrance:

‘Donec in statum nomenque pristinum signature. Non cruentas psychicae.’

‘Please put your old name on your signature, we’re not bloody psychic.’

This is followed of course with the reading from the Taffer Gospel, according to TheBen and Sophie Munks.

At the conclusion, the gathered recite the First Psalm Of Palmer

‘Si vos adeo Boolprop.

Latere tamen non ut stipes.

Palmer mos adveho rotundus ut vestri domus.

Quod curtus in vestri lavatio.’

‘If you come to Boolprop to lurk but not to post, Palmer will comes round to your house and crap on your washing.’

As is tradition.

Now follows the longest part of the ceremony, as each Taffer in turn comes forward to reaffirm their Taffing vows to Palmer, thine is the kingdom, the power and the Boolprop, now and forever.

This of course must be undertaken by all Taffers, regardless of posting longevity or position.

And here is Sporks, as expected dressed for this auspicious occasion in pink.

It is of course known that she will become Pippa Middleton’s new wardrobe consultant in 2012., reports have it she will recommending Ikea self-assembly in the January Sales.

Now follows that most solemn moment and highly anticipated moment of the ceremony, as TeeVee – the Taffer Keeper of The Sacred Smileys – brings forth the ceremonial Golden Photobucket, encrust in cerulean plumbobs, to which they have been entrusted, so that they may take pride of place once again in the Halls Of Boolprop.

It is then received with the traditional blessing from High Taffer Keeper Rhea.

Which is followed in turn by the Taffers giving due tribute to the Taffer Keeper of The Sacred Smileys with the presentation of the fishie…

… the llama, cookie and the ceremonial whack on the head with the frying pan – the One True And Everlasting Frying Pan (Non-Stick) in which according to legend Palmer is said to have fried the First Fishie…

… and the Grannyburger with Subucni Sauce when they’re sure no-one is looking…

Then newcomer Darby leads the Taffers in that most important moment for any new forum throughout the world, the tradition of everyone going crazy-ape bonkers with as many smilies as humanly possible to see how long before it crashes the new website and the mods put on the smiley cap.

As is tradition.

And finally we have the closing down of the old site by Rhea, with the handing back of the keys to the old forum hoster with the time honoured words, ‘you can stick your overpriced crappy server up your arse!’, to tumultuous cheers from the gathered.

What a great day indeed for Taffers, and therefore the Sims community and the whole world.

Jockeying for position

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We smiled at the following post which showed that the Six Of The Best is attracting it’s usual share of people not only hoping for certain people to win, but also that certain others don’t.

‘Windbag horse?’, Bob007? We’d no idea there was a joint Windsor Erick & TanyaRubirose candidature – mind you as they’ve both flaming idiots (literally) with histories of pretending to be women it would be an idea.

Come to think of it lucky there aren’t – if McBean and Usergino joined their joint ticket as well considering their own ‘But I’m a laaaady!’ shenanigans in 2011 the Tranny Gang of Four may well have walked it!

You don’t need any more cookies Rflong7/13, you’ve taken the biscuit enough times this year already!

This year’s field has caused a few mutterings: Bluebell Flora’s battle with EA, those trying to play the ‘gay’ card and of course Sesert34 on top of her Mac help and regular creative activity made her a no brainer’; and how long have you got to spare for any explanation for Jarsie9, SkyscraperFan and current holder xXAngelicEvilXx to be in with a shout after their years.

There has however been a few eyebrows raised at Rflong7/13 being in the Upstart of the Year category: however after her performance this year there was no way we couldn’t include her, no matter how weird it felt. As much as her usual cuddly friendly master of Sims world creation that makes your average Berry Sweet Sim look like a crack whore, there was also her unwanted part in the whole Ruthless_kk/FlipThisLot/The Simmers Society scandal at the start of the year, and later the Mod The Sims creators ‘whatever, whatever, we’ll do what we want with your worlds!’ fracas in the summer, both of which drew her withering fire.

Coupled with these was her artistic strope over the latter’s selective interpretation of the EA TOS, and finally carrying out her long-standing threat to take down her worlds, which in turn led to the fake Rflong7 posts over at Garden Of Shadows that they fell for hook line and sinker, and her recent putting of TanyaRubirose in his/her/its place made her an undeniable potential Upstart Of The Year- perhaps for the only time, but as much worthy as any of the other runners and riders?

But will she be crowned the upstart of upstarts, or is it another’s year?

Only you can decide that.