Rud3bwoy in ‘The Turd Cage’ (A Blockhead’s Blockbuster)

Hello again to all you lovely people at Gamesfaq that have chosen to come to The Mare’s Nest tonight, owing to certain events on your forum c/o Rud3bwoy!

So he’s been telling you all about his latest get-rich-quick scheme that’s been taking up most of his time?

Er, no it hasn’t!

What’s been taking up most of his time is another get-rich-quick scheme that backfired – as tends to be his wont.

For those new to the misadventures of Almando Boochoon, the greatest criminal disastermind in the history of the Queens District of New York, you want to start here with how he discovered the hard way what happens to those who cross the Sims community and the worlds largest language tutoring software provider.

This came back to haunt him in July of this year when he started trying to rip off people for computer components (and ArmedNPissed nearly had the pair of us hospitalised with severely aching sides as much as he had Rud3bwoy hospitalised with multiple new arse tears)

All bang up to date? Let us begin. Come with us, both Gamesfaquers and Simmers alike as we tell you all about Rud3bwoy’s little Christmas pantomime.

Picture the scene. It’s the beginning of December, and in this bleak mid winter Rud3bwoy wails and moans on Fauna Classifieds – rattling his cage about being ratted over his cage, or so he claims.

So having bought a cage for $300 but not received it, got one elsewhere for half the cost ($150), that somehow makes him $400 the worse off?

Rud3bwoy claims he’s going to call his bank to get the money he sent to Repti-Racks transferred back if he does not either ship the cage to him or direct to the customer (one Nick Smith) by the address he was given.

Sounds like a legitimate grievance? Yes and no. Read again carefully.

Having been in dispute over non-delivery of a product, Rud3bwoy still sold on said product to a third-party, despite knowing there’s a supply problem and without making the customer aware of it.

As Willow783 put it:

It’s pretty hard not to come to the conclusion that at best (!) Rud3bwoy took this Nick Smith’s money in order to get the money to buy himself another cage for his own bearded dragon.

Repti-Racks were also perfectly correct in refusing to take Rud3bwoy’s word for it on the delivery address proffered.

When the original deal was made (ie, between Rud3bwoy and Repti-Racks), it was for the cage to go to Rud3bwoy’s address. But now Rud3bwoy has just admitted selling the product on and is wanting it to go to a different named address and addressee.

Rud3bwoy may have meant well, but added to Rude3bwoy’s bank transfer threat it smells like one of the oldest supply of goods con-tricks in the book – getting the delivery made to a new delivery address unconnected with that of the original purchaser (which may well be another of Rud3bwoy’s under a different alias) and then bank transferring the money back, leaving Rud3bwoy with the cage and the money.

This is why Repti-Racks demanded that the new customer gets in touch directly to finalise delivery details. In admitting he’s sold the cage on, Rud3bwoy’s just admitted to having no longer having any legal ownership of the cage, this Nick Smith does, therefore the contract for goods and services (and all paperwork pertaining to it) is between Nick Smith and Repti-Racks.

Confused? You will be even more, as Repti-Racks revealed a rather odd e-mail he received purporting to be from this Nick Smith.

Would you trust an e-mail from someone with ‘swag’ in their name?

ShadowAceD summed up the FaunaClassified members’ misgivings over Rud3bwoy’s business practices.

Beautifully put!

At this point Repti-Racks confirmed they had heard directly from Nick Smith, who appeared to be a little confused as to what Rud3bwoy had been up to ‘on his behalf.’

Then came an interesting turn of events. Someone out there decided to give the beleaguered cage builder a little tip off – our prime suspect being Armenian Twin – which led to our incoming links page getting hammered with all roads leading to Fauna Classified, and hence how we were able to go over in time to watch the fun.

‘And I’ve have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling Mares!’


Oh, and BluebellFlora. Let’s us not forget her and the late Hillcrest1414’s part in cooking this well done Bumnugget Roast swimming in gravy.

RichsBallsPythons wanted to know why Rud3bwoy gave Carolina Classic Dragons (another trader he ended up in dispute with) as his contact details a Facebook account which listed him as living in Florida!

This was the point when matters began unravelling thick and fast, as Dennis Hultman pointed out there was a potential credit card fraud looming from Rud3bwoy if he carried out what he said he was going to do with the chargeback.

Which considering Rud3bwoy’s already got previous with the Rosetta Stone affair would probably mean in ‘zero tolerence’ New York him taking a trip that involves not passing Go! or collecting £200!

(And definitely not bending over for the soap!)

Rud3bwoy still kept blabbering on about his ‘right’ to a reference number (which of course could be used by him as proof regarding any credit card back transfer scam planned), and Utta was ready to explode trying to point out the blindingly obvious to all but him.

But by this point people were far more interested in the fact Rud3bwoy had more form than a veteran racehorse.

It got even worse when Rud3bwoy admitted he was once again attempting to resell the cage to another person as he was going to get it from Repti-Racks, despite the fact that this was the cage this Nick Smith was meant to be getting, and Repti-Racks had already said they were sending it straight to Nick Smith’s home address anyway.

Here’s the advert in question, notice how much the price has now jumped up from what he was selling it to Nick Smith for – all the hallmarks of a classic gazump.

Those at Fauna Classifieds couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. We could!

Repti-Racks meanwhile posted up invoices proving shipment had been made and re-routed.

As JudyC rightly said, it was like watching the Keystone Kops.

For those by now completely confused as to what was going on, HHMoore provides a explanation though the spaghetti junction of posts.

In other words Repti-Racks instead of doing the right thing have passed the cage back to the original customer Rud3bwoy even though it’s clear he’s going to stiff Nick Smith, just to wash his hands of the whole affair, although considering Rud3bwoy’s less than sparkling reputation understandable. But it certainly would not have impressed those on Fauna Classified.

Then came the classic moment, when Rud3bwoy admits to not regretting for one moment being a thief.

All the while saying Nick will get his product, the same ‘product’ he’s just admitted trying to resell again!

It was time for DeborahBroadus to open a can…

The longer this went on, the longer this looked like this two bit toerag attempting a sting, only to get stung.

Finally came the point where we got a clue as to who from the Simmers world was responsible for tipping them off in the first place.

Naughty Armenian Twin, lucky for you it wasn’t too late for Santa to reroute your Christmas presents and replace them with a big sack of Nutty Slack!

All’s well that ends well however, another online selling site has got wind of Almando Boochoon’s reputation for dodgy dealings, and he’s going to have to find a new load of mugs – although with his name and address plastered all over the web it’s growing ever impossible for him to find ‘marks’ when a quick google of any details he may pass onto a prospective buyer quickly reveals his shady behaviour.

Oh how he must now rue the day he ever crossed the Sims community – biggest mistake of his whole sorry life!

Back in the summer, BluebellFlora reckoned considering the dodgy district of NYC he lives in, he’s likely to come to a sticky end when his attempts to be ‘gangsta’ backfire on him once too often. We reckon he’ll die the same way he tried to live – by falling off the back of a lorry!

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