2012 – A Year In Quotes

Here’s some of those quotes that encapsulated a year in Simming, or at least the quoteable parts of it at any rate.


Capturing The Moment

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘I’ve officially spent more time fixing Lunar Lakes than playing it.’ [an oft repeated call regarding EA’s ‘space age’ world]

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘I’ve sworn my soul to so many daedric princes at this point, when I die there’s going to be a pretty nasty custody battle.’ [on Skyrim, the biggest rival for Simmers attentions in 2012]

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘These gnomes are getting out of hand.’ [included for reasons of truth as much as irony]

Berrypie (Berry Sweet Shoppe) : ‘Be sweet, not tacky!’ [on the Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP]

Beaglelover2008 (EA Forum) : ‘Every post of his that I’ve seen has been encouraging or excited, never rude or complaining.’ [in retort to criticism of Sharkloverplayer]

BluebellFlora (EA Forum): ‘You promised, yet failed, so many times over the last year to deal with this. I have messages from a Sim Guru confirming that it is being dealt with, but it’s not, is it? [on EA’s failure to deal with Sesert34 – for this BluebellFlora was given a warning for being ‘off-topic’!]

BluebellFlora (BluebellFlora’s Blog): ‘It’s over. And if he comes back, his family will receive another e-mail and call asking them to stop him.’ [on the busting of Sesert34]

Bob007 (EA Forum) : ‘I think (just think mind you) the forums are getting spammed [during Sesert34’s marking of Martin Luther King Day by posting up porn pics via various different accounts].

Bob007 (EA Forum) : ‘Instead of worrying about what innocent members of the forum are doing, why don’t you get out of your cubes and start figuring out how an adolescent can outsmart a whole IT Department for days.’ [sacked EA forum moderator regarding EA’s cover-up culture regarding Sesert34]

Brookesaywhatx (EA Forum) : ‘You are doing exactly what he wants – giving him more attention by posting thread after thread and paragraph after paragraph about him’ [on Callum9432’s transparant milking of Sesert34’s antics for his own aggrandisement]

Caspin (Sims Forums) : ‘The person doing the interview seemed more interested in her blue eyes and her shoes than in her book.’ [on an interview with JK Rowling for her first post-Potter book ‘The Casual Vacancy’ – it proved prophetic]

Caturae (EA Forum) : ‘I think all these threads are not created to encourage said person, but actually for all the contributers to high five one another.’ [on dubious Sesert34 ‘warning’ threads]

Cloverstardropper (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘Dear God, that cupcake thing, what have I just seen?’ [on the Katy Perry Cupcake bra complete with cherry nipples]

Dini60 (Custom Sims) : ‘I hate it when real life gets in the way of Simming.’ [upon the release of Seasons]

Dreamsong1968 (EA Forum) : ‘Seriously, go find something else to do with your Simtime. Start a rainbowcy, check out a building contest, or try some modelling competitions. Do something productive.’ [on Jimmysnan and Callum9432’s milking of the Sesert34 trolling troubles: she did, he however ended up joining a forum dedicated to trolling the EA forum months later!]

Doodlesam (EA Forum) : ‘I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I’d certainly prefer to read several threads created by CatLoverPlayer, over a single thread as nasty as this.’ [on the infamous Catloverplayer, Who do you think you are? (rant) thread]

Dorendia122 (EA Forum) : ‘Sweet mother almighty!’ [when asked by Simfreak89 for feedback on her new Simmie, Liz West]

Duckypants (EA Forum) : ‘It’s pretty sad when someone from the community has to make a mod for something the game designers have blatantly ignored.’ [on mods that fix game crashing bugs]

Eclipsetrixxz (EA Forum) : ‘This site used to be like a large family. Now it’s like a bunch of angry bees screaming at one another and making Do Not Gift lists.’ [on the phenomena of gifting blacklists being created on the Gifting section and outside forums]

Elisabetta (EA Forum) : ‘It reminds me of a Sims 2 party. One innocent friendly hug and suddenly everyone is slapping each other.’

Exotickitten (EA Forum) : ‘Stalking and attacking him, and trying to get others to do the same was very unnecessary, and quite disrespectful on all fronts.’ [on Jarsie9’s repeated attacks on MikoSimsBuena aka WhitePinoy]

Exotickitten (EA Forum) : ‘I felt bad for Argus though. He looked like he wasn’t completely comfortable with people swooning all over him. Or maybe it’s just he realised half of us were going to be undressing him with our eyes.’ [on the Supernatural walkthough, presided over by SimGuru Argus]

Gmgar (EA Forum) : ‘There is no fame or glory for you, but there is a place in hell for you. Enjoy it.’ [on Rud3bwoy’s attempts to cash in on Hillcrest1313’s death to rehabilitate himself, having spent the last few months of Hillcrest1313’s life stealing her creations and posting obscene messages on her website]

Halle_M (EA Forum) : ‘ I didn’t need to read a blog about it, I just had to watch you repeatedly bullying and belittling a 12 year old who, as a result, no longer posts here.’ [replying to Jarsie9 trying again to claim she doesn’t troll the EA forum, refering to her repeated attacks on MikoSimsBuena aka WhitePinoy]

Jimmysnan (EA Forum) : ‘This is a games forum, not a place to pick fights and call people names and tell people off.’ [on the number of members no long posting because of trolls]

Katzmeowz (EA Forum) : ‘People TRIED to be nice to you, but you kept lashing out at anyone. At least you’re finally admitting that you “lost” it.’ [on Debbidoo]

KoumiriDiru (EA Forum): If they fixed actual glitches, helped out Mac users, didn’t try and make the game into something it wasn’t, bribe us into voting for them for awards, get rid of certain trolls that harass and ruin the forum/site, had actual customer service, bring down the store and premium content prices, and also turn our pages into Facebook, then we wouldn’t complain so much would we? Did I miss anything out?’

LadyDedlock (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘If you give your customers a quality product backed with solid, dependable customer service, they might just pay a little bit more out of loyalty and appreciation. You can’t run a game like the Sims on the same model as a free Facebook game.’

Lady Emillye (LE The Strange) : ‘I think this is one award a lot of people will be jumping to congratulate EA on.’ [upon winning the Consumerist’s Worst Company In America Golden Poo award, trouncing the Bank of America 2 to 1 in a vote by quarter of a million Americans, and securing eighty one votes for every one vote they got when ‘winning’ in the Shortys]

Lakross (EA Forum) : ‘Your horse is in the budding stage of its life cycle.’ [to Mre76 upon getting a two headed horse in her game]

Matt (EA Forum) : ‘I came home from work and my wife told me that Davy Jones from the Monkees was dead. I thought she was joking, then I saw her face…’

Megativity (The Sims Daily) : ‘Epic fail is epic!’ [on EA giving away their games away for free via Origin by accident for several hours during October]

MidnightPearl (Midnight Pearl’s Blog And Studio) : ‘I just got the news I have been waiting for, I am cancer free!’ [ending a very long health nightmare]

Minty (EA Forum) : ‘Yes, you aren’t the ones making the sicko posts, but you are the ones deliberately choosing to encourage it.’ [on Callum9432 and Jimmysnan using the Sesert34 troubles for their own selfish ends]

MVande (Sims Of A Lil’ Monster) : ‘Sure we fight over  just about 6 times a week over the most stupid things ever, but at the end of the day this is probably one of the best communities you will ever be in.’ [regarding the Simblr community]

NakiBex (EA Forum) : ‘It appears writing about EA’s Kate Perry brownnosing is a no-no. According to EA such a post is unconstructive and issued me a warning of violating the terms of service.’ [on EA’s censoring of any criticism of their dubious ‘Lolita’ style Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP]

Nik24X7 (EA Forum) : ‘The poor guy needs to take out some restraining orders, methinks.’ [on the Cult of Manwitch surrounding SimGuru Argus

Ollie (Sims Forums) : ‘Woohoo! Finally cats, kittens and villager kids, which are all killable!’ [on that other major rival for Simmers playtime, Minecraft]

Pamhamlet (EA Forum) : ‘Twallan always saves the day.’

Pinkstar2000 (EA Forum) : ‘”Your Sim has taken a dump. Would you like to share this memory?”‘ [on the ceaseless ‘memory’ system – which Twallan’s mods allowed the disabling of almost a year before EA took the hint!]

Reni401 (EA Forum) : ‘This does seem to be the result of a horrendously rigid and inflexible game engine that doesn’t care for new content to any degree: a particular issue for a franchise that is build around fairly regular content expansion packs.’ [on Sims 3 bugs upon patches and new releases]

Reni401 (EA Forum) : ‘The game has a tendency to throw money at the player for very little effort.’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘Does this mean there will be a Drama Club next’ [on the Musketeerers’ Drama Police – sure enough there was, of sorts!]

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘This calling yourselves the Drama Police is rather heavy handed, or – what’s the word? – pretentious.’ [same topic]

Schantal (EA Forum) : ‘I don’t think asking for a fix after nearly a year is unreasonable on the part of the consumer.’ [on Sims 3 bugs]

Sharkloverplayer (EA Forum) : ‘I’m actually looking forward to owning this one.’ [on the Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP after some nudge-nudge, wink-wink from Caturae on who would be buying it]

Sereniticat2 (EA Forum) : ‘Death threats, stalking and elevated irrational behaviour should not be tolerated by EA or its forum community.’ [regarding EA’s ‘shoot the messenger’ policy towards the Sesert34 affair]

Sereniticat2 (EA Forum) : ‘I adore you, you are by far one of my favorite simmers for just your total positivity alone. When I see your name under a post I get a big grin!’ [on Sharkloverplayer]

Simposiast (The Sims Daily) : ‘I used to have a More Awesome Than You account, but every time I go there now my virus checker has a fit [regarding they accusing everyone else’s site of having adverts with trojans in them!]

Skyscraperfan (EA Forum) : ‘”Feedback” is just an excuse people use to be rude.’ [putting Jarsie9, Christine400 and Wizplace in their place]

SoleilStarr (EA Forum) : ‘Attempting to cause mass hysteria isn’t a way to go about it.’ [again on Callum9432’s transparant milking of Sesert34’s antics for his own aggrandisement]

SoleilStarr (EA Forum) : ‘You’re really showing your maturity now and I expect your sidekick to come along and applaud your efforts too. This is ridiculous.’ [on Jimmysnan’s transparant milking of Sesert34’s antics for her own aggrandisement with encouragement from Callum9432]

SpiderCrowWolf (EA Forum) : ‘They’re worse than the zombies’ [during the post-Supernatural zombies row, regarding the still not fixed imaginary friends plague]

Stormkeep (EA Forum) : ‘I hate misinformation and when it comes to TSR there is a whole lot of it out there [on TSR Must Be Destroyed ‘s ‘truth economics’]

Sunset1624 (EA Forum) : ‘Thanks a lot Sesert, for showing us how much EA really cares about this customers.’

Susiechan (EA Forum) : ‘Trust Catlover[Sharkloverplayer] for any request regarding romantic interaction.’

Turistas9 (EA Forum) : ‘It’s hard to type on here without offending some Simmer that are offended by everything.’

VexingQuery (EA Forum) : ‘All the drama has been diffused with jokes and sugery treats.’ [on the successful calming down of the Drama Police fiasco]

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘Is it me or does the Peashooter remind you of a Pokemon?’ [on Supernatural]

Writin_Reg (EA Forum) : ‘Catloverplayer is definitely one of the good guys. I love his excitement for all things Sims, it’s just so endearing. How can a simmer not love that?’ [on Sharkloverplayer]

XKidsInLoveX (EA Forum) : ‘Welcome to the end of the Sims 3 website as we know it. From here out there will be nothing but troll attacks and nuclear meltdowns.’ [on changes to the EA Forum allowing non-Friends to comment on people’s MyPage, and which also removed all the permabans temporarily]

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : ‘It’s over, and he will not be back.’ [on the busting of Sesert34’s activities to his parents]

Zeri (Simpletons) : ‘Today the line was drawn when members were discussing hacking, viruses, and basically internet terrorism on my chatbox. The parties involved have been banned. End of story.’ [concerning the permaban on TanyaRubirose and Worm147]

Zeri (Grumpy Toast) : ‘Truly un-f**king-believeable.’ [on Simmering Sims being exposed for running active campaigns to specifically bully other EA forum users.]


Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘Torpedo boobs.’ [on premade Simmies’ breasts]

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘My dungeon for a pair of pants.’

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘Whoa there, Tits McGee.’

AnnitaEatsYa (EA Forum) : ‘Welcome to the Hating-How-EA-Does-Business party. We have crisps and you don’t even have to pay extra for the dip.’

Buffyspiker (EA Forum) : ‘This is honestly the most ridiculous thread I have seen here in a long while.’ [never falls out of fashion that one!]

Gatorade3 (EA Forum) : ‘Prosti-tot.’ [on child’s clothing in Sims 3 they found to be inappropriate]

Halle_M (EA Forum) : ‘The epicness of this thread is epic.’

Katzmeowz (EA Forum) : ‘What did I just read???’ [also never falls out of fashion]

Lufferkinz (EA Forum): ‘Geez, you filthy Sim perverts.’

MistyLake (EA Forum) : ‘Code12Code12Code12Code12Code12Code12!’

Mollymoo15 (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘I love you, you dick drive.’

Paco1200 (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘What the unholy f**king c**t flobbing s**t is this?’

RosettasStoned (EA Forum) : ‘What were we just talking about?’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘EA gave me something? It better not be catchy…’

SimRomanov (SR’s Deep Thoughts) : ‘My game is dead. The update killed it and I don’t give a flying fuck to fix it.’ [an oft used phrase by many Simmers who were to drop out this year after one game breaking patch too many]

Somayea/Gothika (Sims Forums) : ‘HE IS A STUD MUFFIN.’ [on Matthew ‘Neville Longbottom’ Lewis]

StevieInMotion (EA Forum) : ‘Manwitch’ [on SimGuru Argus]

TheFairyBug (EA Forum) : ‘Son of a biscuit eating Junebug.’

Various (EA Forum, Various Blogs and Forums) : ‘It’s over.’ [on the busting of Sesert34]


14456 (EA Forum) : ‘‘What can you get out of virtual money except enjoyment and satisfaction?’ [answers own question about Simpoints]

BadnessDefined (EA Forum) : ‘EA, this member needs banning.’ [BadnessDefined being Innuendo19/KingInnuendo/Markyboi10/The OriginalBadBoy Rudeboyrockstar/Xoxmbh who has had multiple EA forum accounts permabanned]

Callum9432 (EA Forum) : Jarsie9, Pepperbutt, even TanyaRubirose. They’re all perfectly nice people.’ [apparantly adults bullying young children and in Pepperbutt’s case threatening to stab people is what ‘perfectly nice people’ do!]

Elijahhines10/SimmerE14 (Simstopia): I got a trojan while looking at TMN [He didn’t]

Evil_One (EA Forum) : ‘This petition is on behalf of all people who want Sims who actually look unique as opposed to the current cookie cutter/factory stamped variants’ [over a petition she’d started on 30th June 2009 and had changed the actual wording of the petition 457 times since!]

Faith12368 (Simmering Sims): ‘Here is today’s victim’. [on Simmering Sims‘ The Sims Village Idiot section, where EA forum users such as Catloverplayer (Sharkloverplayer), Constance, Conorsim, Elizabetta, Madame_Lee, Momminator, etc. would be targetted to be trolled by all the other Simmering Sims members.]

Faith12368 (Simmering Sims): ‘I checked my e-mail – 34 reports I made!'[on one innocent EA forum member she targetted because she thought them not ‘kewl’]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘I am no longer accepting friend requests.’ [remarkably, the EA forum did not collapse at the announcement]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘I joined Pepper’s site…I’ll just be venting somewhere else where people know where I’m coming from and I don’t have to put up with being called a troll.’ [weeks later, the site in question Simmering Sims was exposed running a section targeting members of the EA forum to troll – with Jarsie9’s very active involvement]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘Some of your replies to those who don’t agree with your ideas border on being condescending at best, and judgemental at worst.’ [to TheMomminator – and cue the ironyometer exploding]

Jarsie9 (Simmering Sims) : ‘Catloverplayer is the world’s biggest suck up when it comes to EA and TS3.’ [regarding Sharkloverplayer on Simmering Sims’ ‘Village Idiot’ target people for bullying on the EA forum thread: this from the woman that gifts Simgurus regularly to avoid being banned from the EA forum!]

Jazzychik123 (EA Forum) : ‘Catloverplayer, you are really annoying…your [sic!] not popular and your [sic!] certainly not needed.’ [Which was the cue for the EA forum to go into meltdown as Jazzychik123 discovered the hard way how popular Sharkloverplayer was!]

Jazzychik123 (EA Forum) : ‘You all worship him, It’s revolting.’ [on Sharkloverplayer – ‘haters gonna hate!’]

Jimmysnan (EA Forum) : ‘How do we let the children know? They were so frightened last time.’ [Classic Helen Lovejoy moment during the Sesert34 nonsense from one of those milking it for their own ends]

Jimmysnan (EA Forum) : ‘Hey everyone, I’ve made a new Sim in my studio, his name is Simmy Forumtroll, check him out.’ [there was also MinnieForumflamer: she that was so wanting Sesert34 to stop now goaded him into further disruption of the EA Forum. Go figure!]

Jimmysnan (EA Forum) : ‘I do love to come on here and find a ranting thread it just makes for more fun.’ [as if we hadn’t guessed]

JKTee511/Mummygaga/x_MG_x (The Sim Haus Of Mummygaga): ‘This blog post has been removed thanks to SOPA.’ [the entire blog is unreadable anyway thanks to the colour scheme]

Keleya (EA Forum) : ‘I am no longer an active Simmer.’ [and yet was allowed to continue to be a moderator on Simstopia]

MinDtriKz (EA Forum) : ‘I want a friend to see how dumb the forum gets.’ [Just show her your own posts, that will suffice!]

Mea_93 (EA Forum) : ‘Avatar Sim – not the same Sim as in the pic. Don’t download!’ [it got 28 downloads and a Recommend It before sundown!]

Munchiepoo (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve never found any glitches or bugs in my game.’ [before going on to talk about glitches and bugs in his game!]

PCGuy19 (EA Forum) : ‘I joined about 3 weeks ago and I took a big break from here.’

PsychomasterX (EA Forum) : ‘If you’re playing on a Mac then you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer.’

SimGuruMeatball (EA Forum) : ‘I was kind enough to let you guys know this, but being called a liar makes me regret this now.’ [quite aside from whinging about keeping forum users informed – ie. his job! – he was later proven to have lied]

SimGuruZephyer (EA Forum) : ‘Think of the trees and all the waste that’s being avoided… when I get them in digital format I just print them out. [on why the Seasons guide only being digital only was somehow better for the environment]

Spon1Player (Sims Programs) :iSims has located a hidden file in the “FeaturedItems” part of the Sims 3 folder called content_icon_conceptsicon.hide’ [blown out of the water hours later by Akila906 and EternitysShadow as fakes created with old graphics doctored with basic Photoshop filters]

TanyaRubirose (EA Forum) : ‘You’re not the only one facing the inevitable end of their life soon’ [over a hereditary condition that may kill him… in twenty two years time!]

The Isz (Crazy Town and NRaas Industries) : ‘Folks need to understand what is required to run a forum like this. It requires a high end VPS account to handle the amount of traffic it receives… You are looking at a cost of $160 a month to run it. You can’t get a $25 a month website and host it. It won’t work. ‘ [said at the same time Boolprop Fight The Addiction False responded to being asked for pay $170 a month for their forum by moving theirs to a free server with zero loss in functionality.]

Timecatcher (EA Forum) : ‘Serenity Hills – a detailed flat world.’

TtnFn04 (EA Forum) : ‘How about just buying a normal PC next time instead of a Mac?’

TtnFn04 (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve been trying to stay out of the petty fights on here lately.’ [eleven days after making the above trolling post at Mac users]

TtnFn04 (EA Forum) : ‘Most of the ones on here spewing garbage are the same ones I’ve come to expect it from.’ [that is, her fellow trolls!]


Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘I am ready to be underwhelmed.’ [whilst installing the Showtime EP]

Ani (The Sims Daily) : ‘Bran Muffin, over and out!’ [on More Awesome Than You IP banning her for being ‘a spammer’ and a ‘Bran Muffin’ because her previous account was banned for having only posted once!]

Archivist (EA Forum) : ‘I think the problem is that console games are expected to work straight out of the box. That’s not really EA’s style.’

BluebellFlora (BluebellFlora’s Blog) : ‘Thanks for the invite to suck your dick but I will decline the offer. F**k knows what I’d catch judging by the skanky picture of you on your Twitter page.’ [to Almando Boochoon aka Rud3bwoy]

BluebellFlora (EA Forum) : ‘I’m sure EA will realise my web page has that information on it and update theirs accordingly.’ [Correcting EA’s Nichaedemus on a Mac user’s question, in response to him directing a Mac user to a help page the information from which had been copied, pasted and altered slightly from Bluebell Flora’s own blog – and which they still managed to get it all wrong!]

Constance (EA Forum) : ‘Your mom’s a Seasons thread!’

Debbidoo (EA Forum) : ‘I think there is moderation on the forum today. Perhaps, just not to your liking?’ [in reply to MinDtriKz, who was trolling in order to goad members into making TOS violation reportable posts]

Dini60 (TS3 Creators Consortium) : ‘If a telemarketer calls, give the phone to a 3 year old and tell them it’s Santa.’

Elisabetta (EA Forum): ‘Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.’

Evil_One (EA Forum) : ‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If you don’t want it done well, let EA do it.’

Figaro_Black (Black Pearl Sims) : ‘The concept seems nice. I just wonder if it will be as half finished as everything else they have done so far?’ [on the Supernatural EP]

FlamingoKicker1 (EA Forum): ‘My game is running pretty good – must be time for a new expansion pack?’

Gatorade3 (EA Forum) : ‘I’m giving this one a week. Not that I have any room to talk, that is.’ [on Masterlear ‘quitting’ the Sims series]

GizmonicInstitute (EA Forum) : ‘It looks like you could power it with a couple of AA batteries (on the Sims 3 Renault eco-car)

Hippiedippie/Dark5id3 (EA Forum) : [to SkyscraperFan on a thread the previous year that was deleted within 10 minutes] ‘Back then most of your threads got deleted within 10 minutes!’

JustKeepSimming (EA Forum) : ‘I’ll just namedrop Crinrict and Twallan as people who need jobs at EA.’ [EA needs them more than they will ever need EA!]

Lady Vampiress (EA Forum) : ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread got on the Mare and gets called “bumnugget”.’ [It did!]

LittleMinxUndr (EA Forum) : ‘‘The people in those threads are elitist, condescending crackpots that only have good reviews for their little incrowd of friends.’ [regarding the Creative Corner]

May_Nilan (EA Forum) : ‘Well the problem is not only that it is not the Surfer Barbie, it’s also missing an arm and a leg and our cousin is making us pay extra for the hair!’ [in reply to Ricky Bo’s ‘getting a Barbie from your cousin’ analogy about Simmers ‘ingratitude’ to EA]

Minty (EA Forum) : ‘Every little boy needs to engage his inner princess, otherwise where will the next Justin Bieber come from?’

Minty (Sims Forums) : ‘I wonder if Phreakindee would be anywhere near so keen about Far Cry 3 if the hot native leader didn’t get her tits out and shag the player during the story?’ [on 2012’s must have Christmas stocking filler]

Murfeel (EA Forum) : ‘Like I’m supposed to nominate y’all for Best Social Media, when your own dang customer service is as useful as gum stuck in my hair!’ [on EA seeking to win the Shorty Awards].

Paco1200 (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘To be honest, with how she’s behaving I would bet a porn site would be embarrassed if she listed them on her blogroll.’ [on Ttnfn04’s attention whoring and bitching]

SimsGirlForever03 : ‘Welcome to the Sims 3 forum. Would you like some retaliation with that?’

Skyscraperfan (EA Forum) : ‘They do listen, where do you think that they got the idea for social features and Katy Perry stuff packs.’

Skyscraperfan (EA Forum) : ‘So are height slider threads the new Seasons threads?’

Stumbleduck (EA Forum) : ‘I enjoy reading it: particularly for the screenshots of people putting their feet in their mouths up to the hip.’ [regarding ourselves!]

Sunnishine_28 : ‘It’s so annoying that so often the CS reps don’t help and tell you to ‘visit the forums’ or visit the ‘FAQ section’. If I could find answers there, I would not be contacting CS!!!

Tiumi (EA Forum) : ‘I know of a suitable place for them to put that Award’ [on EA seeking to win the Shorty Awards].

Twallan/NRaas (EA Forum) : ‘It would be great if they expanded that functionality to include more worlds rather than relying on mods to do it for them.’  [regarding EA’s lack for further development with sub-hoods aka holiday worlds since World Adventures – only resolved by Twallan’s own Traveller mod!]

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘Welcome Hydra and Liam to your favourite game show. Whoever wins will be fed to the cowplant, and whoever loses will be fed to the cowplant!’

VexingQuery (EA Forum) : ‘I for one am comfortable at the thought that some people think I am a jerk.’

Zeri (EA Forum) : ‘EA has no jurisdiction over other sites (and they can barely handle this one!).’

Zeri (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) :  ‘He might actually be a fairly decent person to talk to, if he would stop being a self-righteous obnoxious dipshit.’ [on TanyaRubirose]


Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘Metal bikinis aren’t keeping the modern woman down.’

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘Remember, every unfortunate thing that happens to you is just training for the zombie apocalypse.’

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘Everyone has some sort of tragic personality issue that only molestation from a woman can fix.’ [the apparant moral of Japanese ‘high school’ RPG computer games. Either that, or Australian soap operas]

Buffyspiker (EA Forum) : ‘Never too old for a good perv.’

Cloverstardropper/Switch (Dragoncave) : ‘Every time I speak out loud, I say something weird and dumb that I immediately regret.’

CuddlyBun (EA Forum) : ‘It’s always depressing when Simmers leave.’

Dreamsong1968 (EA Forum) : ‘Baiting people is rarely a good idea. Feeding trolls and flamers is never a good idea.’

Evil_One (EA Forum) : ‘Eventually, EA is going to build such a bad reputation with customers and employees alike that either no-one will want to work for them and/or no-one will want will buy their games (or at least enough so EA collapses).’ [said in a year that was soon to be dominated with ‘too big to fail’ firms filing for bankruptcy]

Evil_One (EA Forum) : ‘It’s important to say things (or type them in this case) even if sometimes it seems like no-one is listening.’

Halle_M (EA Forum) : ‘You just have to wear down their defences until they finally give up the goods.’ [on getting Simmies to woohoo]

Kwanzaabot (EA Forum) :Supernatural, which allows Sims to cast magic, doesn’t include a single wizard beard…If you’re a dude who can do magic, you NEED an epic beard. It’s the rules.’

Minty (Sims Forums) : ‘Weather is utter crap=bad. Millions of wasps will die as a result=good!’

Pary (EA Forum) : ‘[Sharkloverplayer/Catloverplayer] is one person on these boards that rarely, if EVER says anything untoward, derogatory, mean or nasty to anybody. In fact lately, a lot of people could take a leaf out of his book, including myself.’

PsychYourMind08 (EA Forum) : ‘I come for the irony.’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘We all have some responsibility to report the bullying and bad drama.’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘Be strong and do good.’

RJOuttaSoCal (EA Forum) : ‘Sometimes you have to be like the honey badger and take what you want.’ [honey badgers – the new cougar]

RosettasStoned (EA Forum): ‘If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?’

Rosewin (Bear Mountain Creations) : [on CAW world making] ‘As long as it has a pub, the town will do fine.’

ShaliANel (EA Forum) : ‘When you have a cat, you have to expect sudden acts of madness.’

Sereniticat2 (EA Forum) : ‘There is nothing wrong with needing attention or seeking it, if you do so in a positive way that doesn’t hurt others.’

Sim Romanov (SR’s Deep Thoughts) : ‘Accept the fact that I don’t use public toilets, therefore I am Awesome.’

Simsgal2227 (EA Forum) : ‘Sims without Twallan is like a sandwich without cheese. You can have a sandwich without cheese, but it’s just not right.’

SoleilStarr (EA Forum) : ‘Honestly any stove fire I’ve had, Mac and Cheese was the culprit. I’m beginning to suspect it’s evil. Cheesy delicious evil.’

TheMomminator (EA Forum) : ‘There’s something to be said for learning to cope with life’s more unpleasant sides.’

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘If you hang with trolls, don’t expect people to come running to help you.’

VexingQuery (EA Forum) : ‘The longer you play the Sims, the more it becomes a study in virtual human torture.’

VexingQuery (EA Forum) : ‘The more noise someone makes about being anti-drama, the more they tend to be found in the middle of it.’

Writin_Reg (EA Forum) : ‘I sometimes forget the future doesn’t matter any more.’ [as a result of leukemia with a non-too-hopeful prognosis]

Writin_Reg (EA Forum) : ‘It’s the imprint we leave on hearts and minds, long after we’ve gone.’ [on life]

Writin_Reg (EA Forum) : ‘Half the time parents enroll kids in so many things to keep them out of their hair – not because they wish them super success.’

xKaylaNicolex (EA Forum): [on why the Grim Reaper sometimes appears on lots without his cloak] ‘It’s laundry day.’

YourSharona34 (EA Forum) : ‘People are lovely’.

Seriously, WTF?

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘ I am mildly concerned for my teenage son, who has boobs.’

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘ Apparantly, children are inedible. Nevermind.’ [makes a change from grannies we suppose!]

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘I want her boobs to hit her in the face when she jumps, otherwise all bets are off.’

Aarin (6s & 7s) : ‘I am learning how to molest men from my 10 year old next door neighbour.’

AddictedToSims90/Nallykrunk (EA Forum) : ‘ My Sim decided to toast her buns.’

Angleplay300 (EA Forum) : ‘Once I used a photobooth with my son and we came out as boyfriend and girlfriend.’

Archivist (EA Forum) : ‘There’s a cross eyed horse’s head floating majestically in the sky on a nest, which is pretty sweet.’ [Either she’s talking about us or those are some bloody trippy stuff they’re putting in Simmie bubble blowers!]

Archivist (EA Forum) : ‘He knows how to build robots. That’s like the main thing I look for in a relationship.’

Ava The Muffinator (Sims Nation) : ‘Have you ever milked a cow? Serious question, I need to know.’

AznSensei (EA Forum) : ‘Not as inappropriate as what is going on in my head right now.’

Bananaholic (EA Forum) : ‘I won 6 Euros and 12 cents. That will buy me a few kilos of bananas.’

Biff11 (EA Forum) : ‘Well actually dad doesn’t know I used his credit card yet.’ [poster was never heard from again!]

Bobert (Sims Forums) : ‘ “Mull Of Kintyre”! I used to love that song. Then I found out it was about a geographical feature shaped like a penis. Kind of takes away the charm.’

Bobert (Sims Forums) : ‘Sold some leopard print lingerie to my history teacher (that was awkward, we both kind of stood there with our poker faces).’ [and it was on a Sunday – wicked child!]

Bookygirl (Booky Loves Shiny Things) : ‘MY GAME IS WORKING BITCHES, SUCK MY GOD DAMN CLIT.’ [on finally getting her Sims 3 game to work again]

CanineGallows (EA Forum) : ‘They usually just stare through the window of my Sims’ teenage daughter’s room.’ [on the papparazzi]

Caspin (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘It’s a shame you can’t have thong wearing gnomes.’

Caspin (Sims Forums) : ‘Hiding from the washing up. It can’t see me while I am in here!’

Ceres_Meiriona (EA Forum) : ‘I’d toss his autumn salad any day.’ [on SimGuru Argus]

Cloverstardropper (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘I claim all the cheesecake.’

Cloverstardropper/Switch (Dragoncave) : ‘Unicorns could exist, if more people started duct-taping cones to horse’s foreheads.’

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘When I asked a question on the MATY once, Pescado insinuated that I should be raped. I never went back there.’

CravenLeStat (EA Forum) : ‘Toss some goggles on his head and give him a utility belt, he could be the next big thing in gaming.’ [on King Choi, EA’s Sims Product Manager]

Daethaqt (EA Forum) : ‘How dare you force yourself on me.’ [regarding Origin]

Daria_Is_Odd (EA Forum) : ‘Bonehilda is a skilled DJ, she will play Dubstep. She annoys my Sims because she won’t play funk.’

DaytonaRaceway (Sims Oasis) : ‘I’m gonna kill my kids and then blame the squirrels.’

DaytonaRaceway (Sims Oasis) : ‘I’m crafting and having loads of fun, well at least till I’ve burned myself a second time.’

Debbidoo (EA Forum) : ‘You’re a common criminal and I did go to the Police about you already.’ [to Entelligent, who she accused of copying her Sims 3 legacy!]

Esperonza16 (EA Forum) : ‘Heck yes. High five for peeing in people’s cereal!’

Esperonza16 (EA Forum) : ‘There is the tiny pink elephant I carry in my pocket and talk to.’

ExoticKitten (EA Forum) : ‘Hubby picked it.’ [explaining her username]

Gatorade3 (EA Forum) : ‘I uploaded a Sim that was extremely ugly but I changed the picture to a beautiful Sim, only for people to send me death threats for it.’

GismonicInstitute (EA Forum) : ‘What’s Seasons?’

Glic2003 (EA Forum) : ‘Okay, now I’m really mad. EA gave all of you Barbies? How come I didn’t get one?’

FlamingoKicker1 (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve seen it all now. My Sim applauded the burglar… I can only imagine she knew she’s have to be buying better stuff now that her old junk got stolen.’

Have2Admit (EA Forum) : ‘I decided to save my perv Sims’ life! He’s a really nice guy, and you know how these papergirls are!’ [erm…]

Jak135 (EA Forum) : ‘I think my Sim likes the acoustics in the bathroom cuz all she does is play the guitar in there.’

Jennamariex3 (EA Forum) : ‘No I’m not a fake orange person.’

JessamineDiane (Deviantart) : ‘The Banana Cult – let’s smoke crack!’

Jimmysnan (EA Forum) : [re EA] ‘They only read what they want to hear.’

Jordy2707 (EA Forum) : ‘How can you make an interaction in which Sims can defecate in public?’

KJones (Simpletons) : Is the first one a dildo bush? [on the EA Store’s Katy Perry Mystery Bags]

KJones (Simpletons) : I think if you are going to wear a bra that looks like cupcakes with cherries as nipples, you should have a dildo bush also [on the EA’s tasteful Katy Perry content]

Kasrasianna (The Spectrum Chronicles) : This being a legacy,  a baby oven is kinda important.’

Krista8626 (EA Forum) : ‘Me and my husband kicked the kids out of the treehouse so we could woohoo in it.’

LaBlue0314 (EA Forum) : ‘The poor guy nearly freaked out, he was in handcuffs and a vampire was wanting to do things to him.’ [No comment required!]

Lemonwoof (EA Forum) : ‘I have a sim that since she turned into an elder, she never puts her clothes back on after she showers.’

Mangosandlimes (EA Forum) : ‘Don’t you hate those days? You know, the days where you find yourself trapped in a giant block of ice and the only way to free yourself is by chainsawing your arm off behind your back?’

Mcrashlee (EA Forum) : ‘Some incident involving electricity and a leaking tap or something of the like…’

Mea_93 (Mea’s Blog Of Musings) : ‘Don’t get me started on those half-gable roofs. They are my arch house building nemesis.’

MelOPhonics (EA Forum) : ‘Nothing like having a picture of a distorted man-baby to say “sorry your lizard has died”.’

Mikezumi (EA Forum) : ‘I don’t have Pets, but I would like to see cats in clubs.’ [just so long as Shun Gon is on the piano and drums!]

Mikezumi (EA Forum) : ‘It looks like his fly is undone because the shirt is poking through the pants.’ [on Nicolebrittanyys’ Simmie’s date]

Minty (EA Forum) : ‘Anyone that wants to succeed in fishing in the Sims learns very quickly to master bait so they aren’t wasting hours yanking on their line and only ending up with nothing bigger than a tiddler.’

Minty (Sims Forums) : ‘I have taken the liberty of removing your links and replacing them with bunnies.’ [to one of SF’s tens of thousands of spambots]

Mea_93 (EA Forum) : ‘I plan on starting a gnome farm.’

Myyybestfriend (EA Forum) : ‘Every day I wish I could pillow fight with all my employees and strangers I meet, and when I’m feeling frisky I wish I could just jame with one of them.’

NeyaQueenOfBacon (EA Forum) : ‘I turn my back for one minute and my Sim somehow managed to set the sprinker on fire while it was watering the garden.’

Ollie (Sims Forums) : ‘MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA, time to initiate my evil plan!’ [not the response Matt perhaps wanted to hear upon making Ollie a moderator!]

Ollie (Sims Forums) : ‘Caspin, you just had to put disturbing thoughts into my head.’

Ollie (Sims Forums) : ‘I’m playing Far Cry 3, about to meet Citra and her big bozzems.’

OmNomNomOmBabies (EA Forum) : ‘RICEY RICEY RICE NO ONE LIKE RICE CAKE.’ [in response to a question about equine genetics in Sims 3]

Paco1200 (My Universe Of Sim) : ‘Pitta bread pizza is freaking epic. Have you ever fed some to your magenta lipstick flavoured china cabinet while dancing in an air balloon in the Death Star while slapping Kermit The Frog?’

Pepperbutt (EA Forum) : ‘Actually I hope you get stabbed.’ [to MaverickHawk, for saying he wanted rid of muscle sliders on female Simmies]

Pepperbutt (Simmering Sims) : ‘Stab the f**king s**t out of them.’ [on us!]

Petunia Mae (Black Pearl Sims) : ‘Ahhh, ceramics! When you find slip residue in your nosehairs! This brings back some nice memories!’

Pookyscones (Scones For Cream Tea-Teatime For Sims) : ‘My old Sim self has 63 downloads! That means I’ve probably been set on fire 60 times. And I never got to see.’

Qafanatic231 (EA Forum) : ‘He and his wife woohooed in the shower and when they finished he put his clothes back on but she remained naked and went to have breakfast.’

Ravenkay (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘I’ll give all my gnomes before I give up the thongs!’

Renita (EA Forum) : ‘I married my imaginary friend and now we have a child that can turn into a toy.’

Paco1200 (Paco’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘Are you teiling [sic!] Santa!? I want more vodka [this is why you never post whilst drunk]

Plyplay665 (Sims Nation) : ‘I have not and do not want to ever. It’ll feel like giving a cow a hand job.’ [regarding Ava The Muffinator’s question!]

Sharkloverplayer (EA Forum) : ‘I need to place something big there.’ [Quite!]

Sharkloverplayer (EA Forum) : ‘Well now we know the two woohoo spots, the other being the wardrobe!’ [on the Supernatural EP teasers!]

SkyscraperFan (EA Forum) : ‘A bacon-mayonaise-triple deluxe hamburger (with extra cheese). [to EA’s question If The Sims 3 were a dessert, what sort would it be?]

SkyscraperFan (EA Forum) : ‘. He looks serious Polish mafia.’ [on Mea_93’s Simmie child Eli]

Siminoid (EA Forum) : ‘I just had my friend over and she wanted to try out Sims. The first question she asked? “How do I make them die?”!’

Stormwench (EA Forum) : ‘You don’t have to be connected to the store for those thugs you already have installed in your game.’

Stumbleduck (EA Forum) : ‘It should be an honour for you to know that all around the world there are men and women willing to kidnap you and lock you in their closets in the name of love.’ [to SimGuru Argus: more like chain him to the bed judging from most of the comments on the ‘Argus From The Live Chat Is A Total Babe’ thread!]

TPB01 (EA Forum) : ‘Hope she is handy with that feather duster!’ [on a maid forcing herself romantically on Laurawrrx’s Simmie]

TheMomminator (EA Forum) : ‘What kind of person heckles a baby?’

Trif (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘They are implying that [Zhivan] could make a better bar for thong wearing gnomes than I could.’

Vgaddiction2259 (EA Forum) : ‘If you want to download sims without freakishly huge breasts, you’re going to have to change America.’

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘My vampire is a sexy beast.’

WaltzDreams (EA Forum) : ‘That awkward moment when your Imaginary Friend walks in on you on your wedding night.’

XKidsInLoveX (EA Forum) : ‘They look like they are chanting and dancing around the mom to sacrifice the new baby.’ [on MadameLee’s Simmies’ reaction to one of them having labour pains]

Zhivankarst (EA Forum) : ‘Bugger is blocked? Well bugger that!’

ZoeyGS (EA Forum) : ‘I have $27 saved up from rubbing my dad’s feet… it took me about 20 hours of rubbing.’