At Least One Piece Of Good News…

It appears that Hag1TSOTSO has found things more fun than the Sims community to occupy his time with.

Hag’s run out of material to post with for the Sims community it seems and is now ‘amusing’ the My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic fans instead.

For once, we could almost feel sorry for Chyla.

So exactly how much brainwork does it require exactly to cut and paste whatever you last googled on 4chan or whatever over at Simstopia or the EA forum to have caused you to run out of material in the first place, since that’s been the sum total of 99% of his posts to date?

But oh, let us not forget these ones (especially since you brought them up again).

Ah yes, those ‘hilarious’ surveys about Liam asking what dance you would do with him, what hairstyle you would give him (‘a ponytail or pigtails’), if he was an animal what would he be, what breakfast would you feed him, if you were trapped in a space shuttle with Liam what would you do… stop, stop, we can’t take any more of these side-splitting ‘jokes’.

In other words, now you’re not getting enough attention, just as you jumped from the Tombraider fanbase, you’re jumping from the Sims one.

How will we all live without Hag1TSOTSO in our lives? Less tediously, probably. The fans of My Little Pony are welcome to the Sims world’s one trick pony.

Bye bye Hag, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, cause you to fall over and go face first into a huge freshly laid and still gently steaming dog shite, as that would truly be a tragic event – when you could have gone face first into a land mine instead.

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