The Weird World Of WyreWizard

One of us is seeing the irony of someone with a name like this coming up on the radar right now, but over the weekend there appeared once more someone that came into the EA forum last year and tried starting a spiritual conversation on it.



He is correct in saying he had a modestly ‘successful’ thread last year – all of four pages of it – although it got off to a shaky start.

But despite the presence of Innuendo19 and JKMartinez2, it didn’t end up being highjacked into one about gay rights, which considering the antics of last year’s ‘Pink Spring’ on the EA forum represents something of a triumph in itself.

Fast forward to today, and you have to wonder why all of a sudden he has returned, and more to the point what had brought him to his conclusion.

We’ve an idea – it’s called touting for business. But first, let us set the scene.

Wyrewizard has a YouTube channel that gives some indications of his interests, which of course includes Sims 3.

And of course his ‘Deep Insights’ (it’s the putting of them in title case that makes them so deep).

‘Respect mah authoriatah!’

Small tip people – if you must insist on putting yourself on YouTube in the hope of ‘going viral’, don’t go on camera looking like a cross between Charles Manson and a Confederate States Of America general, unless of course you’re going for the Civil War reenactment and psycho killer fan club audience – in which case we think it fair to warn you Chris Crocker’s probably got that market segement sewn up already.

But let’s wind back to the ‘money shot’ video we saw earlier on.

So, this is a subliminal is it? Funny that…

You do know that on YouTube you can pause videos and scroll through the frames now, don’t you? This was in part to check for people doing just that as well as to thwart people uploading ‘screamers’ as people could check themselves for any The Exorcist type shots appearing towards the end of suspicious ‘watch this’ type videos without having to play them.

Guess what? There was only two frames to the whole video, the first one we showed and one saying ‘Tell everyone how your life is in the comments after watching this for 30 days.‘ So much for the subliminals, unless he’s counting the crappy homemade 80s synth radio jingle music.

It was uploaded back on 28th September this year, and 30 days later the US of A is about to be twatted by the grandmother of all hurricanes – yes WyreWizard, you sure know how to time your moment to be asking anyone how their abundance, prosperity and wealth is!


Of course, what WyreWizard really wants you to do is go over from YouTube to his Oranum site, which is a site that claims ‘connects you with the World’s most renowned Experts: astrologers, tarot masters, clairvoyants, healers and many more.’

Yes, and experts in making subliminal videos!

The chat may be free with him, but that’s about all.

Attention! RainGoddess speaks! ‘Here’s the brainsize of the sort that fall for this stuff!’

Oranum is about making money, both off those people wanting to set up their own online psychic service but who can’t be arsed learning how to set up their own pay-by-view webcam service, and off the idiots who think they can somehow get any sort of psychic connection with someone perhaps thousands of miles away over an internet link (!)

Okay, that last part is a bit harsh. As well as the usual army of Heat readers and chick-lit affectionados, the ‘cross my palm with silver, plastic or Paypal transfer’ psychics major market are the recently bereaved, singletons desperate for love, those facing financial destitution and anyone else looking for a miracle. As Mike Scott of the Waterboys once sung, ‘people snatch instinctively for whatever crutch they need’ – and there’s always some vulture circling over such easy prey. Funny how those psychics that love to go on about their ‘gift’ seem so unwilling to give what they were given for free to the world in the same way it was received.

Oranum recently saw its streetcred upped when it cut a deal with Christina Aguilera for the video for her single ‘The Voice’, which her media agency admitted was down to having to reduce video costs – in short they made for a cheap prop, and in return they got worldwide exposure via a B-list Celeb they hitherto could only have dreamed.

However others have not been so impressed with this site for some time – quite aside from the sceptics, there’s been complaints into the site Ripoff Report about Oranum from disgruntled users claiming it is little more than a hocus-pocus version of the ‘work from home!’ too-good-to-be-true schemes where the only one making any money is the person running it.

Feel free to go over there and read the stories in full for yourselves, some of them are pretty horrific.

Yes, RainGoddess turns up there as well!

WyreWizard also turns up at another place,, where he claims to have 20 to 25 years in this field.

But here’s a funny thing – how come there’s not been any sign of him having any such longevity of interest in his YouTube channel? He’s had it since 2006, yet the first video he’s put up showing anything of a remotely esoteric nature was March of this year.

Of course, there could be another explanation to be gleaned from another of his videos…

‘I am now experimenting in using subliminal audio to see if I can make a business of it’ – his words, not ours. From psychic abilities to the snakeoil of the hypnotherepy ‘self-help’ market – this bumnugget is simply dabbling in the Body Mind Soul marketplace looking for a niche to make an easy buck.

And if you want to know how ‘deep’ his interest lies in this field, about as long as an Oprah Winfrey special a few years back.

’20 to 25 years of psychic experience to help others’ indeed – by your own admission you couldn’t even help yourself!

He also has quite a bit of a case history – rather like Jasumi – of trolling his loony ideas all over the net even when not wanted to the exasperation of other users, even the Bad Movies website where he managed to get his own ‘appreciation thread’.

There is more, a lot more, but we could be here all week. Bottom line is, so long as he remains amiable enough on the EA forum and elsewhere in the Sims community, fair dinkum, but forewarned is forearmed – this guy has a ‘record’, and we’re not here to give a cheap living to an ailing, self-pitying middle aged diabetic’s latest easy money making venture.

If he starts messaging any of you via the EA forum (eg. via gifting or after friending you) to come for a free chat on his webcam that just happens to be at Oranum, let the likes of Hydra, Pop Tart and Thickadoofus know (you never know, they might do something…) that he’s using the forum to tout for trade.

If people still think after we saw off Soulful Sims and Rud3bwoy that Simmers are a soft target for shysters, they’d better think again.

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