Beaverhausen And His Nightmare Simmies!

As if it wasn’t bad enough having unrunable worlds creator and all round fruitcake Jasumi (‘my account was hacked, honest!’) around the place with his weirdo ladyboy Simmies (much to the applause of the MTS/GOS/MATY, etc orbit where your perceived ‘talent’ as a creator seems to be more about how big a sexual deviant you are than your ability to make anything worthwhile – ho hum!), now we have someone called Beaverhausen really going to town.

Get a load of these!


Would you believe this Beaverhausen only thinks they’re creepy because he added converted versions of those EA Store hairs, and not because they look like some horrifying crossbreed of a Gringotts goblin with your atypical ‘gimmick’ finalist of Britain’s Got Talent ?

So what do we know about this Beaverhausen?

Yes, he’s a pharmacy technician!

In a hospital!

Where he gets to make all kinds of intravenous drips and drugs!

And he loves his job!

With all those being injured by Hurricane Sandy…

….the next person he could be making drips and drugs for…

…could be YOU!

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