Fososam Asks ‘Where Is My Motivation?’

Now here’s someone that you rarely see posting on the EA forum but we’ll bet you all remember his avatar, the lesser spotted Samuel Fawcett – or Fososam – another of the Down Under contingent and the Sims community’s equivalent of the Bunyip in that some few have saw him and some argue whether he really exists at all.

He does claim however to contain 17 herbs and spices, although he’s not divulged which or in what order they come in.

When he’s not Simming, he’s either snogging his latest boyfriend to death; looking into a deeper spiritual meaning to life, the universe and everything; or shooting someone in some online server. So much to do, so little time. If you put him under the grill for ten minutes, he also makes a delicious lunch snack. Garnish with oregano or with a sour cream dip according to preference.

But for now he is Simming, as so many have returned to the fold over the past week upon the arrival of Seasons. Unfortunately he’s looking for some sort of a motivation to keep up this exploring – and where better to ask than the EA forum for ideas?

(No, that wasn’t a loaded question!)

No prizes for guessing what AnonymousMiss was going to suggest!

SIMplified however finds when things are getting humdrum, she prefers to go tandem with the random.

As does TheMomminator to ensure things don’t go the way she planned them.

VRStevenson and 2Fast2Furious both agreed that sharing what’s going on in game on the EA forum is a good way to keep up the enthusiasm, the latter a little more adamant about it.

Not merely a lot of motivation but A LOT OF MOTIVATION! Motivation is serious business, y’all!


Some in a Simming rut may decide it calls for extreme measures, but perhaps an Extremeasaur will suffice?

Albert Einstein may have argued that God does not roll dice, but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t when playing God with our Simmies!

If all else fails, download a few Simselves and start concocting the most ludicrous, convoluted story you can possibly think of that will make no sense to anyone but you and your cat, least of all to your victims. It works for us!

‘Lost among echoes of things not there, watching the sound forming shapes in the air.’

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