SimRomanov, SimRomanov, Riding Though The Glen…

He has a plan for 2013 (which has already started where he is!), and it’s to take to his bow.

simromanov wants to get into archery

Good call – archery is brilliant fun! It does have a bit of a nerdy reputation, though, but if you get onto the circuit and go to tournaments and especially display days in castles, etc (not many of them in New Zealand sadly!) they are fab.

(It’s another good reason for getting Skyrim – all the longbow and crossbowing you can handle!)

Now why won’t they put archery in Sims 3 yet, eh? If they can have it in the first version of The Sims, and in Sims Social, high time we got it in game! Or fencing for that matter as Vidkid20 has a passion for rapier, foil or epee (no, the latter doesn’t mean going to the toilet!)

simromanov wants to get into archery1

Get archery supplies through an archery club if you can when starting off – they often had a deal with set suppliers so you can get your first kit cheap.

True story about one of the Mare’s Nest ‘s introduction to archery (it’s New Years Eve, you can forgive us for going off-topic a bit!). Their school gave their year group a go of it at some outward bound trip or other, and during their initial practice rounds they proceeded to make the proverbial pig’s breakfast of it whilst others took to it easily enough, much to their humiliation.

However, when the people in charge (the field captain and their assistants) started a competition amongst them, a combination of the old teenie couldn’t-care-less-hate-this-stupid-thing-I’m-crap-at-as-well and the feeling that the organisers’ expert advice (particularly the shutting one eye bit) wasn’t actually helping, they tried it their way. A stack of tens and reds later, and the organisers were looking as surprised as their classmates were looking biscuit-arsed at this turn of events.

Cue accusations from the wannabe alpha-males and queen-bees (or should that be ‘B’s – B for…) that they had in fact done this before and had feigned being crap initially, to which they replied, ‘the only other time I’ve done archery before this, the arrows had suckers on the ends!’

slaplol slaplol

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