Six Of The Best Awards 2012 – THE WINNERS!

The votes are in, the Sims world has spoken!

Most Entertaining Poster (Within the EA Forum only) 2012


Most Entertaining Poster (Outside of the EA Forum) 2012

Archivist and Vidkid20 (ColorMePink) JOINT

‘Your Mother’s A Llama’ Insane/Inappropriate Trait Award for Simming Loony Of The Year 2012

Skyscraperfan (aka Ace_Flamingo, Nashville_Kittens, etc)

The Aarin Memorial ‘Uh, you obviously don’t know who I am’ Nearly Famous Award for Upstart Of The Year 2012


The Silver Tongue Award for Quote Of The Year 2012

Archivist (EA Forum) : ‘I think the problem is that console games are expected to work straight out of the box. That’s not really EA’s style.’

The Open Award For Anything Else Not Yet Mentioned 2012

BluebellFlora and xXAngelicEvilXx putting a stop to Sesert34

Archivist becomes the first Simmer to win a hat-trick of Six Of The Bests since FuryRed, and becomes the first to win Most Entertaining Poster On The EA Forum more than once.

Vidkid20 becomes the first to retain the Most Entertaining Poster Outside Of The EA Forums

Skyscraperfan becomes the first to retain the Golden Straightjacket since RubyTheConFuzzled.

Congratulations to all the winners – if you haven’t already checked your e-mails, please do so (the ones you use on the EA Forums to log in), and many thanks to all the nominees for their part in making the last twelve months for us in the Sims world a lot of fun (when all’s said and done, etc)

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