SimRomanov Quitting Sims Community (And It Appears His Blog)

To be honest, we could see this one coming after the stuttering levels of activity over the past year, but nevertheless it’s sad – especially just short of 100 000 hits on his blog.

sr quitting sims community

It seems that SimRomanov – one of the bright young things a few years ago – is feeling his age, and what previously was interesting and motivating to him  is now a bunch flock of …

sr quitting sims community1

This time last year he was plotting his assault on the Sims International Film Festival with ‘Alone In The Dark’. How times change.

Some of you will remember late last year he mooted resurrecting the Crazy Simmers, just as it had become too late.

A lot of the people he knew had left or where drifting away, the EA forum was full of strangers, trolls and lacked any sense of true community cohesion (this has changed over the last few months thanks in the main to the likes of FriendlyOne20 and Wernardo keeping the ball rolling in a fun manner and reinvigorating the likes of Mikezumi, CK213, etc to get their posting mojo ramped up again). Even the Comrades were slipping into a pre-death coma over at Sims Nation. In short there was little left keeping him here.

It happens.

It’s probably the worst life lesson of all: those hundred deaths within a life when the people and places that previously meant so much to you no longer mean anything. Sometimes it’s a phase, other times it’s for good – and there’s no way of finding out which is true except over time.

Fare thee well SR, and if you do decide to do a Dick Whittington, you know where you should be able to find us all.


‘When we talk of old acquaintance and speak like two strangers all day long…’

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