Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? (Part 2)

This made us smile – a reprise two years later to a past post about the elusive Mr Goddard, c/o IliketheSims3o and the ever reliable 10edible getting out their horse riding quip.

has anybody here seen hank part 2

smiley-lol   yewot

By the way, for anyone that hasn’t a clue about what 10ediblue is talking about, go here, use arrow keys for movement and space to jump. It is a little different to the Crazy Kong variant more will be familiar with, especially the second screen top platform where you have to climb the ladder to Pauline and not merely access the top conveyor (tricky but manageable), and the mallet will knock out plugs in the fourth screen, so beware!)

has anybody here seen hank part 2 1

Se if you can beat our best score over two games!

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