It’s SuperCali3234hissybumnuggetryatrocious!

Oh dear!

cali3234's hissy fit

Now, he could have had a point with his dramatic exit from the EA forum, were it not for the ‘horse jockey with 20000 online fans’ bit.

That and having a Simmie with a pubic hair beard did him no favours.

cali3234's hissy fit1

Now Bluebeard45 – sometimes he can be nice, sometimes he can be nasty. This time, we got nice – which is good, as when Bluebeard45 makes good contributions things tend to work out well. He’s a sort of bellwether poster, you could say (as opposed to the bell-end posters elsewhere!)

Thus Sport0714 came in to tell him to take it less seriously while Saide7 on the other hand was less amused by what looked like someone trying to start a flame thread in the generally peaceable Store section of the EA forum.

cali3234's hissy fit2

Hmmm, this is all getting heated!

This looks like a job for…

cali3234's hissy fit3

Or at least one of them at any rate! Enter Pary:

cali3234's hissy fit4

bravo  bravo

AmaraRena concurred.

cali3234's hissy fit5

No prizes for guessing who she’s referring to!

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Speaking of people who get gouded, AznSensei had some advice from his own bitter experiences of forum trolls.

cali3234's hissy fit6

Gamekitten herself confessed that there are times she can get grouchy back, but unlike AznSensei, she doesn’t recommend it as a strategy when the written word is a different medium to the spoken, and what might not seem harsh to you can be read as harsh by everyone else.

cali3234's hissy fit7

‘I am kind and actually a sweet old woman.’

drooling-emoticon  drooling-emoticon

Get out the Subucni Sauce!

While Fariecat’s post was a taut reminded that people do get hurt by others being vicious to them on the EA forum.

cali3234's hissy fit9

Angelchrome and Alisox however were finding Cali3234’s attitude hard to swallow:

cali3234's hissy fit8

And as 2011Simone said, he could do with being a little less nasty himself!

cali3234's hissy fit10

Neon_Wild is another that has to juggle the pressures of celebrity and business with posting on the EA forum.

cali3234's hissy fit11

Yes, but maybe Cali3234 is rehabbed and he’s ready for his 15 minutes of shame?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Time for a little Mare’s Nest research as to the truth behind Cali3234.

Well he is a jockey – of sorts!

He also has almost 20 000 fans – of sorts!

It’s all in the delusion er we mean ‘interpretation’!

cali3234's hissy fit12

This is Cali3234 – one Jason ‘Magic’ Toppin, a wannabe jockey and wannabe entrepreneur that’s been suckered into that All-American perfectly legal scam, the Be Your Own Travel Agent And Make $$$$$$s wheeze!

cali3234's hissy fit13

People in the UK beware, because this incredibly ugly face of capitalism within the leisure industry will one day come a-knocking at our doors in due course.

It is one particular to California (but exists elsewhere) because a certain meathead former celebrity governor gave tax breaks to the tourism and hospitality industry. They in turn thought up a new wheeze to make even more money from one of the worst paid sectors on the planet – why employ people directly and have to pay them proper wages when you can copy the call-centre industry and make everyone self-employed agents instead!

cali3234's hissy fit14

This, best beloved, is what Cali3234 is doing. The way it works is you have to pay the real travel agent $300 to join them for the year as an ‘independent contractor’ (in reality a sub-contractor) – who take 50% of the commission you make – but you are making your own leads, advertising your own business. This can be changed to getting to keep 80% of the commission if you can earn $10 000 in a year.

He’s paid for his own to mask the real location of his site as an Mtravel site (since some are wary of using such ‘independent agents’), but as you can see things aren’t exactly working out for him, and he’s having to go to some rather unorthodox source looking for business funding!

cali3234's hissy fit15

cali3234's hissy fit18

slaplol  point

‘So where’s the link of Cali3234 to this Network 32 company to show it’s the same person?’ we hear you cry.

Taken from its Facebook page – check the e-mail address:

cali3234's hissy fit16

Travel from the Big Apple to Monopoly City in a coach for a weekend, take everyone sightseeing (!) and if you pass GO! collect be paid $200. Whoopee! No wonder he launched that one on April Fool’s Day.

As well as ‘Network32 Global’ (New York, Paris, Peckham) he also goes under the alias of being the Chief Executive Officer of Cali32 Forever (Cali32? Sounds familiar!)

cali3234's hissy fit17

As for his jockey ambitions, the only reference we could find for him was on a site called Jockey World he’d contributed to.

cali3234's hissy fit19

How many viewers does it get?

cali3234's hissy fit20

We think it is safe to say that as he turns up nowhere else with his equine ambitions, his 20 000 ‘fans’ are little more than the usual array of spambots and other such tripe that can be linked to anyone’s Twitter so they can give themselves the pretence of being ultra-popular and ‘famous’!

As he was also born in 1977 (we’ll without where we got that information from, but he’ll know we’re telling the truth!), we can safely also say that his chances of ever becoming a successful jockey now at the age of 36 are only likely if he joins the donkey derby circuit. The Jockey Club doesn’t have an age restriction other than a minimum of 16 years of age, but the prevailing wisdom is that if you don’t have your licence by the time you are 25 you are too late.

As we’ve said oft-times before, the internet has long been the haven of the Walter Mitty, and over the years by plumbob has the EA forum had their fair old share. But there is something a little sad about this one we suppose: Cali3234’s claims of 20 thousand online fans and being on television everyday being little more than the wishful dreams of someone for whom the fantasy world of Sims 3 simply isn’t enough.

Quick Sharkloverplayer, 2011Simone and HollownessDevour, we’re now finding this post depressing – lighten the mood!

cali3234's hissy fit21

cali3234's hissy fit22

cali3234's hissy fit23

Agreed. Those who troll the EA forum are invariably life’s losers looking to take out their temper for their real life failings on strangers, and nothing makes their ulcers worse than getting ignored and seeing the good people staying happy and enthusiastic about the game.

If your life’s unhappy or not going the way it planned, bragging about a fantasy life of opulence and success to strangers or taking out your temper on them isn’t going to get you anywhere – you’ll still be stuck in the same rut you were in the morning when you turn off your computer at night.

Enjoy life and enjoy Simming.

sunshine  sunshine

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