Zieniet’s Underdog Motorcycle Club – Bikers In Denial!

Okay, okay, we’ll run this one by you, now we’re finally stopped being in tears of laughter about it.

zieniet's bikers in denial


zieniet's bikers in denial1

Beginning to suspect it yet?

zieniet's bikers in denial2

He’s meant to be a big tough macho biker. And he’s drinking cocktails.



And he’s got an incredibly stupid beardlet.

It’s gets worse.

zieniet's bikers in denial3

Oooo, you’re so cool yet hard and scary – here’s my lunch money!

slaplol  slaplol

But you ain’t seen nothing yet!

zieniet's bikers in denial4

A Mad Twatter from Skins and a Vaas Montenegro copy – now you are just getting too obvious, although not as obvious as:

zieniet's bikers in denial5

Okay, now have you been thinking what we’re thinking?


Swett plumbobbing tapdancing Gregorina, he couldn’t have been more obvious if he tried!

We’d have guessed it even if he’s only included that Vaas Montenegro copycat – you know, that character from Far Cry 3 winning the award for the biggest ‘male homosexual acting like macho edgy psychopath as over-compensation for suicidal self-loathing over own sexuality’ stereotype of all time.

But the rest of that Blue Oyster Bar/Tom Of Finland lot seriously overegged this cake.

Speaking of the Blue Oyster Bar…

zieniet's bikers in denial7

‘Hey barman, round of cocktails for the boys, and get the f**king widescreen switched onto the cable channel for My Little Pony for the bros!’

Criminal gang? Yeah right!

Well, they might be another sort of bandit…

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

zieniet's bikers in denial8

Everyone hide! They’re riding to your town to pound butt –  er, we mean kick butt!

slaplol  slaplol

Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered.

Take ’em down, Big Gay Al – the only ass they deserve is Whoop-Ass!

zieniet's bikers in denial6

thumb  thumb

P.S. Boy did this story run! Read what happened next here.

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