EarthMama/Earthgirl aka Groovie-Fr: Your Bigotted Racist Moron Of The Week

When you wait long enough, vindication will always come. When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, there always comes that bombshell moment when all those sneaking suspicions in your mind why you rebuffed someone trying to cosy up to you because you’d the feeling they were a vicious piece of work are proven right.

Earthmama-Earthgirl is someone we’ve known about since we first followed those at the now sadly moribund Sims Forums, and has done little to leave the impression of being a whinging drifter with the attention span of a gnat, like an Italian version of Evil_One without at least the occasional comic value.

Way back in the summer of 2012, she suddenly wanted to get all ‘best fwiends’ with us regarding an ongoing drama after spending months before cursing us. We told her very publicly to go f**k herself because it wasn’t out of any real sympathy towards those affected, purely wanting to get involved in some exciting ‘drama’.

(Truth to tell, we’d little time for someone who moaned about us on and off purely because we weren’t paying her enough attention compared to other Sims Forums members – the same style of crap we got from the closet Figwit-haters over at Crazy Town. Bit hard to post about anyone you know when they only ever post once a lunar month! Just saying…).

For daring to point out the oldest life lesson of all – that my enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my friend – some people turned against us, partly to up the drama but mainly because she was a fellow player in some online superhero game about people flying around wearing their underwear outside their spandex clothes (most people grow out of liking that when they’re about ten years old, but each to their own we suppose). So because they shared someone else’s passing fad in a non-Simming related context, we were supposed to think of her as the mutt’s nutts. Yeah, sure. If we acted that way, we’d spend our whole lives walking on eggshells, especially where Earth Mama-Earthgirl is concerned.

She’s dabbled in Simming, she dabbled in Dragon Cave, she dabbled in Wicca, she can be found dabbling all across the net from one passing fad to the next like some incontinent pup leaving a piddle trail behind, never sticking at anything long enough and moaning about being ‘bored’ with it. For a woman in her thirties it’s downright immature – usually the moment to whip out her Get Out Of FAIL Free card about her alleged mental health issues.

We’d be sympathetic, but as someone who openly admits to smoking pot (which every health expert in the world has warned is just about the worst think you can do if you suffer from depression) as far as we’re concerned she’s partly bringing her problems on herself. No matter what cards life has dealt you, the time comes when you have to accept unconditionally responsibility for your own actions.

Which brings us neatly – and some of you out there will appreciate the incredible irony to this one – to the sometime Simmer whose Tumblr blew the whistle on the quiet incredible nastiness hitting the Dragon Cave and Flight Rising communities:

Take it away Switch’s Silliness:

earthmama outed as racist

Now Earth Mama has been pretty quick to have her Tumblr shite whipped off the net to remove the incriminating evidence in her bid to stop getting thrown off Dragon Cave and Flight Rising (not that there’s much chance of that happening anyway).

Pity for her she’s not as smart or as swift as she likes to think she is…

'I'm going to sound very racist here and I'm not sorry. AT ALL.' Quote, unquote before her screed of vicious bile.

‘I’m going to sound very racist here and I’m not sorry. AT ALL.’ Quote, unquote before her screed of vicious bile. Let’s see her apologists weasel their way round THIS one…

facepalmhy2    shakehead

manul says you effing bumnugget

We’d bother to mention that real gypsies (mainly Romany over here in the UK – or Romanichals if you want to show off***) have a very strict code regarding washing, cleaning and bathing that would reduce even the more obsessive compulsive European Union bureaucrat to tears, let alone take her to task for the rest of her crap, but Earth Mama never was one that could take a telling about anything.

Lythiaren was the first to truly kick up a fuss over Earthmama/Earthgirl/Groovie-Fr’s moronic comments in her own Tumblr, and reported on events as they unfolded (there’s a four page catalogue of screenshots here):

earthmama outed as bigotted clown in her own words 1

earthmama outed as bigotted clown in her own words 2

Her latest excuse was that it was meant to be ‘an early April Fool joke’, Lythiaren and Bendragon-Cumbersmaug for two weren’t buying it:

earthmama outed as bigotted clown in her own words 3

As Lythiaren put it, it’s not merely Earth Mama’s moronic bigotry that grates, it’s the entire ‘there I’ve said sorry, even though I don’t really mean it, so yeah like whatever!’ mentality that went with it – an all too atypical story of today where no-one needs to accept responsibility for anything (especially if they’ve a ‘sore paw’ card to play) – and then people start to wonder why those in power start acting in the same blazé manner in a world where personal responsibility for your own actions means little in an increasingly self-centred world.

earthmama outed as bigotted clown in her own words 4

You don’t want to be a crow though, Lythiaren (they know nothing, Jon Snow!), you want to be a raven. Smartest birds in the world (hence Ravenclaw in Hogwarts), and they look bloody cool.

earthmama outed as bigotted clown in her own words 5

Okay, maybe that one is taking it a bit too far…

Anyway, many thanks to those in the Dragon Cave/Flight Rising communities for the heads up as on past experience she’ll be slinking her way back in a Sims 3 direction looking for ‘besties’ now until the heat dies down.

Any of you out there wanting anything to do with this racist piece of shit, you’re bloody welcome to her – just remember you’re known by the company you keep.

thatsit  thatsit

*** Incredibly useless but true fact about gypsies. Whenever they are mentioned in a conversation amongst the over thirties in the UK, the ‘I don’t think so!’ bit in David Essex’s ‘Gonna Make You A Star’ will inevitably come up before five minutes have passed.

You went off to try that out in the nearest tea room before you read this sentence, didn’t you?

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