Enkeli63 Finds She’s In Good Company – Like Rflong7/13

Last week’s shenannigans proved the final straw for another Simmer that like Moo11x had been defending Sims 4 and EA to the hilt – in this case someone a little more familiar to EA forum members over the last five years.

Enkeli63 Finds She's In Good Company

If it’s of any comfort to the best known member of the Finnish Simming contingent, she’s far from being the only one felt taken for a ride.

Enkeli63 Finds She's In Good Company 1

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We had to see it to believe it.

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Yib-Yib-Yibble Bib Dribble (Part 2)

She who was ‘looking forward to the future’, ‘keep calm and focus on the positive’…

she who looked to have sold out on a Peter Garratt scale all for the sake of getting sneaksies on Sims 4

cancelled her pre-order.

Rflong7/13 – our unreserved apologies that we ever doubted your integrity for a minute (even if you have been squeeing like a teenie at a One Direction concert)

Read it and weep Simgurus – the best World Creator of them all is not following you over to Sims 4 : at least until it is cheaper, if at all – after all, she still plays and creates for Sims 2 as well as Sims 3 so why bother with its more expensive clone?

One less member of the old guard to explain matters to the new in plain English when they’ve realised they’ll be getting bugger all help from you on game problems and helping keep the peace when matters get out of hand on the EA forum (as they always do, because you can’t moderate to save your lives).

Congratulations EA, all that wining and dining was all for nothing!

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Enkeli63 Finds She's In Good Company 2a

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