Grant Rodiek Decides If You Can’t Sell To Them, Threaten Them

Not that Simguru Grant is desperate or anything, but…

simguru grant's attempted threat

So now we’re supposed to pay for this pile of shit or else they won’t work on something that will be better.

Erm, no, that’s not how it works, bumnugget.

Here’s how it works. Sims 4 underperforms.

EA sends in Richard Hilleman – remember him kiddies?

Hilleman does some investigating, finds a lot of stuff EA weren’t paying attention to what was going on.

EA tells those people responsible for the Whale of Fail that they are free to look for contracts with other studios. If three months later they haven’t taken the hint, they get a Big Pink F**k Off Slip.

EA bring in new staff with the mission statement ‘the Simmers have spoken, the bastards. Get this cash cow back in the pasture or we’re never gonna be able to milk it again.’

In business, Grant Rodiek, companies do not get rid of a previously highly successful series because one example of the series went kaput. Ever. They dry their tears, they conduct independent research to see what went wrong (because they know their own employees may skew the research results to cover their own asses if they reveal anything which incriminates them or their department), they plan, they strategise, they try again.

What they do get rid of is employees that underperformed – this includes delivering a product which fell short of customer expectations. Let’s face it sunshine, considering how disloyal you’ve been to EA and Simmers, why the plumbob should they be loyal to you?

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