Sims 4 Is Too ‘Family Friendly’ By Half – Promoting Incest As Natural (With A Bit Of Paedophilia Thrown In As Well)?

Looks to us like there’s someone down the Sims Studios that’s a little too fond of the Lannisters in Game Of Thrones.

sims 4 promoting incest

thOMG  thOMG

So here we are at nearly the end of April, eight full months since the release of Sims 4, and they have had enough time to have two overpriced packs of extra bumnuggetry in the shops for the terminally stupid to throw at it in the hope of making a game out of it; yet they haven’t got enough time to fix something as simple as adding a basic line of code preventing incestuous romantic interests?

For Ericaduh, this is one sort of ‘family play’ she can well be rightly doing without:

sims 4 promoting incest 1

You think it can’t get any worse? How about a bit of paedophilia thrown into the mix as well?

Tell ’em, Amot:

sims 4 promoting incest 2

‘A child Sim and his dad had “romantic interest” as well…’

Blatant mutually reciprocated paedophilia in Sims 4?

EA, seriously?

thatsit  thatsit

Bethesda clamped down hard on scum trying to peddle nonce mods for Skyrim, and it is unforgiveable that EA – a major corporation – has such a skin crawling flaw in their spaghetti coded product to make it manna from heaven for sickos.

(And for anyone about to say we’re overreacting, Rule Of Rose was banned precisely because of the implied kiddy fiddling element in it, so the precedent has been set)

We might have known that Jarsie9’s old apologist Drake_McCarty would start talking through his arse. ‘Huge design flaw’ our feet! A schoolkid with rudimentary computer coding knowledge could add a line of If-Then-Else code to prevent one family member developing any sort of romantic attachment to another.

No excuses: when the game starts throwing up these kind of scenarios, this is the moment this rubbish ought to be taken off the shelves immediately until and only until it is fixed.

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