Cross My Palm With Simoleons (But Don’t Cross The Simgypsies)

gypsy curses in sims 3

‘I sent him and one of his romantic interest to the Gypsy Caravan, and had them have their little fun there. After wards, they both came out totally nude… This is not the first time I’ve had sims come out and stay in the nude at this location, is this a glitch involving the Gypsy Caravan?’

Proof LaBlue0314 that gypsy curses exist in Sims 3 as well! Well, how would you feel if someone

evilgrin  evilgrin

gypsy curses in sims 3 1

Aaarrgh! The mod! The Mod Which Shall Not Be Named!

Or has Igazor and Co added in an Emperor’s New Clothes script sneakily in? We think we should be told!

IreneSwift meanwhile had some telling of her own to do first:

gypsy curses in sims 3 2

Well they are Uni students after all…

gypsy curses in sims 3 3

There’s a mod for Jeffrey’s little problem as well – usually found amongst the Dimblrs, and about the size of a horse’s…

cat-ball  smiley-shocked032

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