JimBBQ Wants Lag In His Loft, Not His Sims 3

Another day, another old chestnut.

lagging is for lofts not sims 3

As Karritz and Ashpeef put it, it’s all down to the size of the program usage, but also down to the retro-technology involved.

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 1

Even though 64 bit computers had been out for many years (there had been domestic and professional versions of Windows for 64 bit with backwards compatibility sinby the time of Sims 3, still it was 32-bit coded – as indeed was Sims 4!)

TadOlson used to have a lot of lag problems due to the size of TadOlson’s game.

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 2

TadOlson fixed the problems in TadOlson’s game by increasing the amount of content in TadOlson’s packages folder and getting new disks with the exact same code on them instead of downloading the free copy TadOlson was entitled to anyway from Origin.

This worked for TadOlson because TadOlson is… TadOlson.

worship  worship

But as IreneSwift pointed out, part of the problem can be security software with tin-hat wearing levels of paranoia every time you boot any program up, no matter how many times you tell it that it is safe and trusted – or more interested in sending details of your computing habits back to their headquarters to sell on to ‘selected third party providers’ (hello McAfuckup!).

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 3

But of course in these discussions, you always are going to get the myths:

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 4

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 5

‘I would be curious as to where this modder got the 2 GB rule from.’

Considering they’re a MATY reader, out of their arses is the most likely explanation.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Silly joking aside, there was a problem from the days of 32-bit PCs with programs unable to take advantage of anything above 2 GB of RAM, however as with most things there were workarounds provided by modders to address this (as those from the old Medal Of Honor, Call Of Duty and Civilization games will remember) to push that up to 4GB (depending on chipset). This ‘modder’ story howevers sounds like Chinese whispers.

lagging is for lofts not sims 3 6

As Pary says, there remains however no substitute for basic maintenance – clear those caches, merge those packages, and rattle those pots and pans.

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