Who Killed Bambi? Jessa_Dakkar By The Look Of It…

We always wondered how long it would be before the EA forum’s resident miserable bugger made one of these.

‘Damn you Bambi!’? Oh dear!

jessa_dakkar's grumpy thread

‘Play-testing my now nearly finished world (which is still almost entirely devoid of developed lots) is a lot less rewarding after discovering the waves are obnoxiously loud near the beach’.

Loud waves? CAW blimey, it’s the curse of World creators since 2010, guv’nor!

Meanwhile (oh plumbobs, do we have to type this?), 5782341b77vl (there there, all over now…) was finding her game had gone for peanuts.

jessa_dakkar's grumpy thread 1

It wasn’t Charlie Brown – he was too busy doing something he ought to have done sixty years ago.

jessa_dakkar's grumpy thread 2

Coming up next, Peppermint Patty finally comes out as the big old lesbo every kid knew she was as much as Marcie (Patty’s bottom bitch).

ehwhat mare's nest version  yewot

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