Leo3487’s Back To The Future, Or Is It Back To Front?

leo3487's back to the future

If Sims 3 looks like an 80s movie, Sims 4 must look like an early coloured cartoon from the 1930s – either that or Lazy Town.

Certainly the hairdos are the same as Lazy Town:

leo3487's back to the future 1

06Bob06 called out Kremesch73 on his bumnuggetry:

leo3487's back to the future 2

Anyone who says that Sims 3 looks plastic in comparison to Sims 4 needs to go to an optician or stop taking whatever non-prescription drugs they are on.

But Kremesch73 knows this, otherwise why would he be posting this bullshit on the Sims 3 section of the EA forum? Nothing more pathetic than someone trying to convince themselves by empty vesselling to others.

Thankfully there was two of the veteran players – Rflong7/13 and EleanorBreton – to restore sanity…

leo3487's back to the future 3

… even if Rflong7/13’s avatar didn’t!

yewot  smiley-shocked032

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