Sims 4 Evangelicals In Denial (Part Umpteen Squillion)

So on the EA forum, Jmt313Aero (for plumbob’s sake, why do Simmers nowadays give themselves gobbledeegook names so stupid they could be used for Sony laptops?), gave their thoughts about Sims 4 over Sims 3 and why they’ve started drifting back.

sims 4 evangelicals in denial

Look who responded:

sims 4 evangelicals in denial 1 sims 4 evangelicals in denial 2

So tell us Kremesch73 (yet again), Masongamer, Valandis… if Sims 4 is so utterly wonderful, why do you spend your time (so much of it in Kremesch73’s case about anyone daring to say anything bad about Sims 4) coming onto the Sims 3 section of the EA forum to say how much you don’t miss it?

Dimmers with shite game in denial, wethinks!

whistling mares nest version  point

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