The State Of Affairs At The Mare’s Nest

(Before we go any further – Happy Argentina Day – but you’re still not getting the Falklands Islands, get over yourselves. You can’t even run the country you have properly, let alone insist the rest of the work indulges your archipelago peccadillo. All of Greece looks like it will be up for grabs shortly though – all the yoghurt and kebabs you could ever want!).

First up, apologies for the ultra-sluggishness of late, which at one stage looked like we’d have to abandon matters entirely for several weeks and leave matters unrecorded.

May has not been the best of months for us due to a number of reasons. One of us took ill, caused in no small part by the amount of (unvoluntary) overtime they were having to do at work as the firm wanted to get a lot of business sorted before the general election came and went with the anticipated change of government – or at least government tack at the behest of their new coalition partners.

Part of that was moving work elsewhere previously dealt with by the Scottish based office. Honestly, anyone would think it was the first Jacobite Rebellion since 1745 the way people have been behaving over the Scottish National Party winning all but three of the seats in Scotland (more out of a sense of having nothing left to lose rather than any new found conviction since last September in becoming independent), such has been the hysteria in the press and amongst the IQ challenged.

Having previously threatened to close the Scottish division altogether in the event of a pro-independence vote last September, they’ll all but big fat done it now anyway in real terms out of knee jerk reactionism: complete madness, not to say more than a little bit of Jockophobia. If this is a snapshot of how London based boardrooms make decisions affecting people’s lives and livelihoods – from whatever they read in yesterday’s Daily Mail editorials – no wonder Britain has gone to the dogs.

What makes it even more stupid is that of course nothing has changed – the Conservatives (Tories) got back in, this time not needing the Liberal Democrats (who did nothing anyway – and who lost almost all their seats in punishment) to give them enough support to run a coalition – or anyone else for that matter. Great news for every greedy bastard in the country that the party for the rich has got back in, bad news for everyone else. There’s supposed to be some sort of ‘protest against austerity’ happening in London in June or July, it’s already a banker bet that it will descend into a full scale riot.

But we digress. The end result was a lot of time going to work, coming home, getting ready for work and bed, and nowt else, whilst weekends were more about catching up with all the matters you were too tired to deal with during the week. What fun!

(Oh by the way, before you ask whether muggins was paid overtime rates for doing this… don’t be silly!)

Bottom line is summer and holidays cannot come fast enough and a chance to get away from all work related bumnuggetry.

One of us is already in that happy state (apart from the part-time job), with another year’s worth of student exams and written assessments bagged and tagged, but only after their exams were delayed for a week with two days to go before they were due to sit them thanks to university admin cock ups meaning double bookings for the exam halls. Nope, not stressful at all to be told that, and a great way of knocking your momentum towards E-Day out of kilter knowing that you’ve another week of self-torture to go instead of forty eight hours before the big day.

Outside of this, both of us have been doing quite a bit of Simming on the quiet, and you’ll be glad to know that work on Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop has picked up again (stop groaning!), so any talk that we’ve grown bored of Simming and were drifting away are – as per usual – greatly exaggerated.

When the day comes we’re packing up and leaving, you’ll hear it here first, nowhere else.

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