Cloverstardropper In June

switch in june 1

If Switch doesn’t turn out to have been brought up a Roman Catholic after this, we’ll eat our underwear after wearing it for a ten mile jog.

switch in june 3

Your mother makes you salad in the depths of winter as well, doesn’t she?

ehwhat mare's nest version  banghead

You will be relieved to know Cloverstardropper’s anonymous posters are as weird as ever:

switch in june 6

John Kongos and Happy Mondays, please take note.

switch in june 2

yewot  yewot

One of us has always wondered, well….you know how a belly button looks like the end of a balloon after it’s been tied… does that mean if we could untie our bellybuttons – considering the intestines are where all the farty wind stuff comes from – then just like an untied balloon we’d all fly around the room making farty noises before flopping to the floor all saggy and wet?

(Got you thinking now, haven’t we!)

Switch has also jumped onto the Grand Theft Auto V bandwagon – but isn’t too fond of jumping into Trevor’s little red wagon…

switch in june 4

Just wait until she’s managed to steal the military jet and discovered the joys of shooting down countless jumbo jets like a Soviet Flagon pilot in a really bad mood at getting his leave request turned down again and deciding All Holidaymakers Are Bastards.

Then she’ll love Trevor!

switch in june 5

Give it another week, and everything in that list will be replaced by the single word ‘wasps’.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Living in California, we supposed this was going to happen to even Ms Squeaky Clean one day:

switch in june 7

Although it doesn’t have make her aggressive…

switch in june 8

‘you fuck mothering toaster strudels.’

yewot  scratchhead

‘Flesh cucumber’? Ha! More like ‘cocktail sausage’ in most cases (no matter what most men will claim…).

switch in june 9

We have no idea what the Pink Dildo Cursor Chronicles entailed, nor do we want to, thank you very much!

Elsewhere, Switch has been discovering the hard way that sometimes on Dumblr, your comments can get noticed by more than your immediate circle when you pull up animation artist Rebecca Sugar presuming to lecture her fanbase on how one of her Stephen Universe characters ought to be drawn in fanart …

switch in june 10

slaplol  point

We think that’s a bust!

rimshot evilgrin

Cloverstardropper and The Mare’s Nest may not agree on everything, but we are showing 100% solidarity in this one.

switch in june


Why is it every time you go into a restaurant, stay in a hotel, eat anywhere in public, and you say to them please don’t give us any coleslaw… they give you bloody coleslaw!

Coleslaw is one of those branches of the bastard part of the food chain like fish and bananas that you cannot allow to have any contact with other foods, for even a single DNA strand from them will make all of that food taste and smell like it (as all smoothie drinkers know to their cost). Once it’s on your plate, coleslaw spoils all the rest of your dinner with a miasma of cabbaggy carrotty oniony vinegarriness.

Coleslaw: it is sick, it is evil, and it must be stopped.

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