xxDogLuvxx Back Wanting To Be A Pain In The Arse Again

xxdogluvxx returns

xxdogluvxx returns 2

So the following bumnugget responsible for the following two troll threads back in October 2010 has returned, bumping his own troll threads in the process.

xxdogluvxx returns 1

xxdogluvxx returns 3

xxdogluvxx returns 5

That would be the same Blunote who orchestrates bullying of other Simmers via her private forum, Simsoptic, bankrolled Comrade Rich’s bumnuggetry circa 2009-10 and gifted that evil old scumbag Jarsie9 by way of encouragement? Colour us unsurprised she’s babysitting another snake!

wanker  wanker

Blimey! A Gay Guy who likes starting pointless drama threads on internet forums and resuscitates them equally pointlessly years later. Heeeeellooooooo Mr Stereotype!

facepalmhy2  fryingpan

Trouble for this guy is that a mere two years after his gay-hate trolling on the EA forum when he was supposedly ten years old, he was posting gay fiction elsewhere at the A Place Of Safety gay forum:

xxdogluvxx returns 4

Does the above read like the work of a twelve year old to you?

If this clown starts his nonsense again, just ignore him.

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