Oh, Well Simmed, WaxingCrescent05!

Okay, let’s see if this one catches you out too.

waxingcrescent05's version of skyrim's cicero

When at first we saw WaxingCrescent05’s version of Cicero, we were not at all impressed. Words such as ‘pile of shit’, ‘looks nothing like him’, ‘should have gone to Specsavers’, etc. came to our minds.

Until we saw the reference point…

waxingcrescent05's version of skyrim's cicero 1

jawdrop-smilie  jawdrop-smilie

Apart from the eyebrows needing upturned at the ends, that was a pretty good stab (Skyrim in-joke!).

What caught us out was Cicero’s OTT camp voice, making us think of someone less sinister looking, forgetting that virtually all the adult characters in Skyrim – irrespective of race – had faces like constipated bulldogs.

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